But Without the Laugh Track

Have you ever been told you remind someone of a certain person? For me, I’ve never reminded anyone of say, Angelina Jolie, but instead have been compared to Dobby the House-elf …and a camel. Not a special camel, just your average herd animal. Most recently, I have had my friends tell me that I have been doing things reminiscent of Miranda Hart in her show of the same name. Unfortunately, I don’t have a loyal audience laughing and rooting for me – it’s just silence as people digest my awkwardness. And no, no no awkward is not cute or hip or trendy it is bloody painful.

All you Miranda fans must be thinking, ‘Ha! Brilliant!’. Well, now take a second and really think about this. I am being compared because I’m awkward in speech and body, scare people off and embarrass myself. Which is all very hilarious when you’re watching it on television because you get to see how wonderful Miranda is behind her galloping and yelling of ‘CLUTCH!’ but in real life Itend to just semi-ruin my life.

"Master has presented Dobby with insults... Dobby is full of self-loathing."
“Master has presented Dobby with insults… Dobby is full of self-loathing.”

I only recently came across the television show, so never knew I was that person. I am so that person that when I went to the doctor’s a few days ago and he had to lift my dress to feel my stomach (he was attractive) I told him, “ha ha, I’m so sorry you have to see me this way, Doctor…”


Who says that to their doctor in a clinical situation? A Miranda. That’s who. Sigh. At least I have my own Gary! I haven’t resorted to food friends. Yet.

I may as well have gone in for one of these.
I may as well have gone in for one of these.

While I don’t think comparison comes from a nasty place, there are instances where it certainly doesn’t come from a good place. In the instance of Miranda, I don’t mind – she’s hilarious and has 2 men propose to her at the same time (woo hoo) and the idea came from a funny moment – but for other comparisons it can feel as though the person is insulting you in a roundabout way. Like the time I was told I looked like Gerard Depardieu.
At age 11.
Thanks, friends.

It’s certainly easier to tell someone they remind you of a rhino / evil character / unattractive politician than to simply point out a flaw of yours. The nice thing to do is to of course say nothing at all, but it has been my unfortunate personal experience that people are not always able to keep their insults to themselves. In fact, they’ll say them smiling to your face. Miranda would certainly not let an insult destroy her, she’d talk to a friend, make a joke, stand up taller and accept it. So for now, Miranda is the best person I’ve ever been compared to and I’ll take it with sincere thanks. If somebody feels the need to tell you that you remind them of someone horrible or unattractive, reply that you remind them of someone beautiful, but only because you’re not an arsehole who wants to point out the truth – that they remind you of a slug most days. I can’t guarantee this will actually resolve the situation, but at least you won’t have to just cop the same old.

Now to wait for someone to compare me to Heidi Klum, for the looks on top of Miranda personality. Though, I bet she doesn’t make awkward small talk with her hot doctor.


7 thoughts on “But Without the Laugh Track

  1. Funny post. And shame on whoever told you you looked like a camel, Depardieu or Dobby! That’s awful.

    I also tend to be kinda awkward sometimes, and you’re absolutely right about it not being cute. It’s painful!

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