Just Tell Me What I Need, Robot

Dinner time is a painful time for the young person. I imagine when you have kids that you work out a routine of meals that you go through – after all, you have to, your children have to eat. When you’re a young person though and suddenly faced with feeding yourself every night, ideas can be thin. Do I want red meat? Hmmm. Chicken? Hmmm, maybe. Vegetables? I guess. But what flavour? How do I bring this all together?

So what do you do? You whine about it to yourself (or your roommates, like me) until you give in and have macaroni because darn it, you just don’t know what you feel like. In fact, I’m pretty sure this feeling does actually happen to every one, parent or not. Especially to my mum on a Saturday night.

Imagine instead a world where you go into your kitchen, stomach rumbling but brain showing nothing but an endless reel of a tumble weed because you have no idea what you fancy, so you put your hand under some kind of beam of light from this handy contraption, and it pings back a reading. A wonderful reading that tells you exactly what you want to eat for dinner. Brilliant! Stress be gone! Wandering the supermarket isles be gone! Never leave hunger for so long that you end up eating take away and feeling sick again!


Of course, there are other brilliant machines I’d like to see: a dreamcatcher that actually stops bad dreams; a body-reading instruments that tells you if there’s anything wrong inside you with one simple sweep down your oerson; an opposite microwave that cools things down in a minute; a button that removes illnesses from inside you; a way to store memories and dreams outside your person to keep and peruse at pleasure. It goes on. But for now, as the epitome of struggling twenty something suddenly in charge everyday of their own belly being full, I’ll go with the ‘craving realiser’.

Yum yum.

Thanks, Daily Prompt for the idea.

(Also, going by the daily prompt title including ‘widget’, if I could invent a wordpress widget it would be one that recommends the perfect post for the visiting reader. By magic of course, otherwise we’d have to do a lot of snooping.)

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