The Sweat is Making it Hard to Type, My Dear

I’m going to give you a visual representation of how hot it has been where I am living for the last week:


If you have been wondering why I haven’t caught up on this blog for a while, that’d be why.

The heatwave hit at a lucky point in time – I now live somewhere with a pool. Though, ‘pool’ is pushing it a little given it is a blow up pool. Still, it fits a lot of people and cools you right down. It was too hot to even worry about being in a bikini in front of people. I discovered that while I do not tan, I also do not seem to burn despite being in the sun everyday. And yeah, I was wearing sunscreen but I prefer to believe I have resistant skin that could hold the key to natural sunblock. I am a science experiment.

Now I am off to go try to cool down some more then try to work on a writing project. Best tips to beat the heat? I want to become ice cream. Proper post soon,



I leave you with a picture of a sunset from my new dwelling.

17 thoughts on “The Sweat is Making it Hard to Type, My Dear

  1. Ack! I live in Canada so I couldn’t relate to this less right now…maybe we should bring the two climates together and come up with a reasonable middle ground? That’s doable, right?

    1. That sounds perfect. I’ll swap you the oven-like winds for some snow! And then we will both be able to spend time outdoors. Doable definitely, we are leading scientists after all ;)

    1. Which is exactly what all my food did today in the freezer. Of course, that wasn’t from heat just an overcrowded freezer but the emoticon is now a melted icy pole in my mind’s eye.

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