Extend the Reading!

When I first signed up for wordpress, I’d spend an hour or more scrolling through tags and my reader reading people’s posts. I stopped doing that for a while and I can’t pinpoint an exact reason why besides general life. I’ve noticed a lull in readership, too (which is of course preposturous that people wouldn’t be reading my blog, pfffft. sarcasm.) and from what I’ve seen of some other’s blogs, they’ve had lulls too. It seems the reading has slowed down a bit.

This week I’ve been on wordpress three times and each time I decided to actually scroll through my reader and even browse one of my favourite tags. I came across some great posts and discovered some new blogs that I’m going to enjoy following. It’s been good. It felt like the original wordpress times when your notifications would be full and you’d have a good feeling after reading certain posts. I missed getting glimpses into writer’s lives all over the world.

Cheesy-ish picture, but still accurate.
Cheesy-ish picture, but still accurate.

I think some of us need a little hint to get back into reading posts. We’re busy (well, I’m kinda not… but I understand regular people actually have these things called ‘lives’) and have higher priorities, which is why sitting down to wordpress can take allocated time. That said, perhaps take one or two sit-downs this week just to discover old and new blogs.

Go out and read 5 posts in a tag or tags of your choice. Branch out! Go and read 5 posts in your reader. Remind yourself why you’re following these people. Go and catch up on your favourite blog’s posts if you haven’t had time to lately. Keep in touch. Enjoy that feeling of reading posts once more. The tragic, the funny, the sad, the simple, the genius, the creative.

Who knows what you might read from where. I look forward to reading all the posts from Antartica, please.  Sure there'll be stacks.
Who knows what you might read from where! Personally, I look forward to reading all the posts from Antarctica, please. Sure there’ll be stacks.

And if you want to, link a post you’ve written that you’re proud of if it hasn’t had much attention lately. Readers and I will have the opportunity to read it. Consider the comments a chance for you to brag without conceit and to meet other bloggers.

For all of us wordpress users who haven’t been reading as much for a while, let’s get back into it. And hell yeah to those who keep up their reading!


26 thoughts on “Extend the Reading!

  1. I’m totally with you on this! I’m actually catching up on your posts today!

    I used to be the best reader/commenter ever and then life certainly got hectic. I’ve certainly had a decline in stats as well, but that’s how the “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” thing works. The past couple of months I’ve kept up with a few of my close blogging buddies and if someone likes or comments at my place, I always stop by and reciprocate at theirs. I think the colder weather opens up more time for reading and being inside, encouraging us to slow down. : )

    1. I need to catch up on old favourites again! The heatwave took my promise to read more and set it on fire. Blogging in summer just doesn’t work as well as blogging in winter for me. You’re still an excellent reader and commenter I say 🙂

  2. Hello! I’m still here! 🙂 I just haven’t posted much lately. Work’s been busy (read: I’m falling behind – don’t tell my boss but I think he suspects), I’ve been going in earlier, staying later, this month trying to do NaNo, trying to work on other stories/novels etc. and generally spending less time thinking up blog posts, but still reading those of others.
    I have noticed some bloggers disappearing too. Interesting. Might be a fad for them. A passing interest, perhaps.

    1. Haha he will never suspect a thing if you keep blaming the fall behind on a person who doesn’t exist. Send him after the mysterious Smith. I can see how blogging falls behind when life gets busier, which is fine since you then get to come back with interesting posts haha.

  3. I know of a lot of bloggers who have disappeared from blogging, and that’s part of the reason for my slump in comments and likes on my blog. I miss the interactions with them! I also wonder if the various changes WordPress has made with things like the Reader is having a negative effect instead of positive. The Reader requires more clicks now, and frankly, it’s cumbersome to use. Bloggers with time crunches might not be able to visit as many posts as they used to because of it. Or maybe—heaven forbid—blogging is going out of style….

    1. It’s true about the reader, perhaps it’s slowing people down. I know that I ended up following too many blogs for me to possibly keep up with so a while ago I had a look through and unfollowed inactive blogs / blogs that I never ever read and now it’s more manageable. As someone pointed out below, my gravatar wasn’t sending people to this page – so maybe that had something to do with it!

      Haha never! Blogging is just too cool to go out of style. I mean, it was in style, wasn’t it? 😛

  4. You took the words out of my mouth! Anytime I see visits/comments in a lull on my blog, it’s usually because I haven’t been reading and commenting around myself. I always feel on the line about this though – does this mean I have no followers who simply read to read? Or does this mean that blogging is give-and-take and people won’t read unless you visit?

    1. I think the same thing too. I guess it’s more of a give-and-take, which is fine except when you’re busy or aren’t up to reading posts. Hopefully now I am back to the give part!

  5. Lovely post. And I totally agree with you.

    Unfortunately, I suspect that there are many ‘followers’ out there who follow merely to entice you to return the favour and they never really had any intention of reading your stuff in the first place. Though maybe that just happens to me!

    In other news, and feel free not to approve this (or any other parts of the comment), the link that appears on your gravatar leads to an error message and not your blog?

        1. Thank you 🙂 And I just realised my reply may have come off as rude – I’m so sorry! I was in a small blog-panic over the broken link.

          And I agree, I wrote a post about follower to reading ratio haha, it seems some of them are just fake. Like the ones who are advertising something or are just reblogs. Strange.

  6. well I do always reading posts on my blog tag because it helps me to shape my writing and learn other things that I might miss in my post. (this is how i stumbled upon your wordpress, scrolling deep into the tag posts)

    1. I always wonder when adding tags to posts if anyone is going to find my blog in that tag… and I now I know they do haha, thank you! I hate when you accidentally click back when scrolling through a tag and you’re too far down to ever reach there again but wanted to read more.

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