The Inverted Hipster

If the mark of a hipster is that they discover the band, the look or the thing before the mainstream plebs do, then I must be on the opposite end of hipster spectrum.

Last week, I discovered Lord of the Rings. Ten years late. The films were totally incredible and I watched a film a day for three days, then took a look at a few special features because it made me that nerdy and fanigirlly. After that I even watched The Hobbit. At least for that one I am only a year late, phew. While my mind was being blown by elves and hobbits and wizards I realised thar I am the only one getting excited. Every one else has already been there, done that. Sure they agree that it’s awesome, but I don’t get to have that fun conversation-about-the-new-movie with anyone. They already had that talk….last decade.


I tried to tell a friend once, “I always end up getting into things once everyone else has already gotten over them.” but they seemed to take this as some kind of hipster statement in itself. As if I were declaring myself cool for arriving late. They told me that I was just “so cool” and well, completely missed the point that I was actually trying to point out my lack of ability to notice when things are in and then I get excited about a song or film everyone else is lamenting how over it they are. What do you mean these pants aren’t fashionable any more? What do you mean this song was released three years ago? What do you mean I’m reading a book that won a prize – what prize and when?? I keep up with the Jones’.

And then on the other side of this, a band or a book I’ve enjoyed or loved but nobody else cared about will suddenly blow up but nobody wants to hear my excitement on it because then I am the hipster douche! Goddammit!

Don't let your new favourite underground band become your precious.
Don’t let your new favourite underground band become your precious.

As an inverted hipster (I found that Rihanna song about finding love in a hopeless place this year, but then, no true hipster would listen to Rihanna, she’s on the radio, right?) I have decided that when people who loved things first act like it’s their property, they need to have their hipster glasses smacked off. I know how it feels to have something you love become popular when it feels like your special thing that only you can love with your worthy soul but when us behind-the-timers come to you exclaiming that we’ve seen a film, don’t sigh and tell us ‘I saw that five years ago, yawn.’

  • Though, I do still permit that a small mourning service can be required when the masses destroy the sacredness of something you love. That sucks. But at least you don’t have to worry about me doing that, for a decade at least.

The other benefit of being an inverted hipster is that you learn to enjoys things in your way and time without needing the validation of other’s enjoyment. It helps you to not worry if something isn’t ‘cool’ and lets you just enjoy it. I better stop defending the inverted hipster now or else it’s going to start sounding like I’m about to set some kind of a hipsterish trend…

You know, it’s only just occurred to me in writing this piece that ‘hipster’ isn’t even as big as it was last year. Goddammit. Now can someone please have a LOTR omg session with me over drinks? I’ll meet you just after I crimp my hair, throw on my grunge outfit and slip on some plastic jelly bracelets…


17 thoughts on “The Inverted Hipster

  1. I’m SO late to liking this blog post it is almost topical.

    There is something about loving something first – except that when other people catch on I tend to get defensive “But I liked it way before it was popular!” as if popularity sullies it.
    Great post.

  2. Inverted hipster…LOVE!

    I like what I like. Every now and then that means enjoying something when it’s not popular anymore. Other times it’s becoming obsessed about something nobody has heard of before, and when I get excited about it, I get the “she’s crazy” eyes from people.

  3. I would love to have a LOTR fangirl session with you. I just watched The Fellowship of the Ring (the extended version) with my brother on Sunday, and it has renewed my LOTR love. I have been listening to the soundtracks nonstop since. I would happily skip work to watch the rest of the movies sometime this week. 😛

    As for being a hipster, inverted or not, I don’t think it matters when a person started loving something, whether they were first or last. Don’t we all share that same love? And really, it’s what makes the movie, band, singer, artist, book, tv show, or whatever so wonderful – that it continually draws in new people to share in its awesomeness.

    1. Oh I must see the extended versions. Our copies didn’t even have a deleted scenes bonus feature. But now I cannot justify buying them again just for extra scenes.
      I agree! It’s not about when you found it, it’s just about whether it makes you happy or not. Newcomers should be welcomed! Otherwise I would never have realised I love Queen. The music can’t die with the original generation who loved them.

      1. Oh yes, you most certainly must. And once you do…you’ll never go back! (well you could, but then you’ll be watching the movie and suddenly be like “did I miss something?” Lol the extended versions are definitely worth the money.
        Exactly right! Share the love for something amazing. Newcomers always welcome.

  4. Same. I discovered Greenday about 5 years ago. My kids had to point out that they’d been around for more than 20 years.
    “Time or your Life was only recent wasn’t it?”
    “No Dad, that was from Nimrod. And it’s called Good Riddance. Time of Your Life is the subtitle.”
    “When was Nimrod? 2006?”
    “No it was 2 albums before American Idiot. Try 1997.”
    “Yeah? What about Dookie? I’ve heard of Dookie. That was 2002, right?”
    “Oh. Help me get this rock off me, can you?”

    1. Haha that is excellent. Ah Greenday, I forgot about them! It’s very strange discovering a band only to hear they’ve been around for a long time. It seems impossible that you could have missed something everyone else seems to have heard. Your kids sound like they’re knowledgeable about music!

      1. That’s what happens when the kids were little and we listened to Gold 104 all the time (sad, I know), then they hit their teens and get into the “modern” music and it’s like “What? There are new bands now?”
        My daughter could tell you anything you never wanted to know about One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer.

  5. I’m quite similar. I don’t ever like anything when it’s popular, but I’m not a hipster. I try to avoid things until the hype dies down because I find that if you don’t keep up with things as they happen, other people who enjoy them tend to spoil them. Also, if it’s a tv show that’s out and popular, I want to wait until all the seasons are out so that I don’t have to wait for them. I like the continuity of watching tv shows back to back.

    As far as my hipster qualities are concerned, it’s like waiting for a queue to die down before getting into it. I want to do things in my own time and not have an item’s popularity dictate a time frame for me.

    1. That’s a nice point, waiting until hype dies down. I like to do that with tv shows myself because waiting week by week is so painful when it’s a good one! But I couldn’t wait for the whole, new season of Vampire Diaries to be out this time. No patience.

  6. I’d be happy to talk LOTR with you for hours. I love it! When I was staying in Catania in Sicily I found out that the guy I was travelling with hadn’t seen it and neither had some of the other travelers. The Glaswegian hostel owner was happy with my request to shut down the hostel for the day and have a LOTR marathon. It was amazing!

    1. That is awesome! Just because people were on holidays or travelling doesn’t mean they can’t kick back with a good LOTR marathon – and I like that. I really didn’t think I would enjoy it as the first time someone attempted to make me watch it I was in bad mood and complained about everything haha. Glad they finally sat me down and showed it to me properly.

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