Movie is Just the Story Medium

Mmm, the golden smell of Oscar season. The time of the year when all the awesome films start to roll out of Hollywood. This is the part of the year when spending money on a ticket can be worth the ridiculous price. Well, it certainly is if you go on cheapo Tuesday like I do while chanting ‘pover-ty! pover-ty!’

"Excuse me there seems to be some sort of mistake. I bought a drink and some popcorn and now I have no money."  (could not find an image from actual scene)
“Excuse me there seems to be some sort of mistake. I bought a drink and some popcorn and now I have no money.”
(could not find an image from actual scene)

Loving movies is a human experience (insert stories of middle eastern kids in the ’80s watching cowboy movies or Leonardo DiCaprio trying to find an isolated place on Earth where no one knows him only to find villagers deep in a jungle shouting Titanic! when they see him). Probably because watching people act goes back much further than cinema, suggesting a human need to portray and watch the physical version of story-telling.

I went to see Rush the other day and knew it was good because I found myself mouthing ‘no no no’ or ‘yes yes yes’ during certain scenes. Yes, it was about formula 1 race car drivers which I’m sure will turn off some potential movie goers, but the formula 1 is just the medium through which the story is told. And the story was good.

You will cheer equally for both of these guys.
You will cheer equally for both of these guys.

Which leads me to my true reason for loving movies – the story. The story is the spine, the reason. Oscar season is fun because it often leads to movie-makers assembling the stories really well. It turns good stories into great film experiences.

There are some upcoming films I’m planning to go and see, hopefully they inspire the same mutterings to the screen as Rush. Telling stories is a beautiful and fulfilling part of the human experience and an aspect of every culture, how lucky we are to get to sit back and watch wonderful stories happening on the big screen. Watching movies can be inspirational – after watching Rush I have an itch to pursue dangerous motorsport – but in the end I’ll take the message to have fun and work hard and make my own little stories. Cheers, Hollywood.

Ah, little golden man of encouragement for the film dudes to keep on keeping me entertained, thanks inanimate golden statue.
‘Yes, do dangerous things for me…’



9 thoughts on “Movie is Just the Story Medium

  1. It’s funny, I’m a big film fan as well, but sometimes as a writer, I feel like it’s taboo. I’m always looking over my shoulder, expecting the book purists to chase me down with their pitchforks.

    But like you, I’m a sucker for a good story. If a film is done right, it should transport the audience to an incredbile place that is visually, audibly, and emotionally lovely.

    1. I especially love this time of year because it gets hot in Australia from now on and the movies are always so nice and cold… mmmm, movie air conditioning.
      Rush was seriously awesome.

      1. Ha! I of course always associate the award season with fall, winter, colder weather in general, which I absolutely love and plays a big part in making this “the most wonderful time of the year”.

  2. Read title and thought it was the time of the year we can hunt green furry puppets in rubbish bins and was surprised I’d never heard of that before. No, that’s not true. It was just a poor excuse for a bad joke on my part. Note to self: delete the above before hitting Post Comment.
    Oh, yes, Oscar is the nickname of the award ceremony in the USA. That’s right. What you say is dead right. It’s the story that grabs me, too for movies. It’s just another medium in which to present a story, isn’t it, in addition to text-based books, audio books, live plays, movies/TV…
    I’ve been fascinated by the making of movies ever since I saw the making of Star Wars in 1977. Blue screens and editing and dubbing sound, scale models, make up and more recently CGI (being a computer geek myself, that one’s always been a fave!).
    But nothing beats a good story.

    1. hahaha, I laughed. And it’s always that kind of year.
      I love the production side and wouldn’t mind a job in that area (certainly not on-screen for me) but yes, the story is my favourite piece of the movie puzzle. Oh that was cheesy. Movie puzzle. Eek!

      1. Yeah, definitely behind the scenes for me too. I just found a half decent video editing program called OpenShot so I might even play with some video editing soon. In between the novels, short stories and NaNo, of course!
        Cheese? I missed the cheese. Movie puzzle works for me!

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