How To Spend a Friday Night Alone

Ah, a night with your close friends at a new restaruant you’re all trying, you all have some drinks and laugh a lot over dinner. Then you all go out to an awesome new club or bar or music venue and dance all night. It’s 3am when you come home and fall into bed maybe with somebody else… or maybe just content alone.

Snapping back to reality: It’s Friday night and you are not in fact throwing a dinner party or dancing or hooking up or seeing a live show. You’re actually in your pajamas, alone, it’s probably cold and you haven’t even spoken to any friends today. The thing is, you can still enjoy yourself tonight. How? This is for those of us home alone on a Friday night with that restless feeling.

Cook a Great Meal:
It’s Friday night so you may as well treat yourself after the week to eat what you enjoy. Plus, cooking takes up some time and can be fun. Play some music and cook yourself a classic dish you love. Make it tasty as heck. For me when it’s a night in, I like to cook spaghetti. Sounds pretty standard but I do this amazing thing with the wine and the bay leaves… mmm.

Yes, all for me.
Yes, all for me.

Switch On a Movie You’ve Wanted to Watch:
Waiting around to see a movie until you have someone to see it with is just tedious – why can’t your schedules ever match up? So take your bowl of awesome cooking and watch that movie you’ve always been meaning to. Voila, you’ve filled in another 2 hours with entertainment and you can finally say that you got around to doing that thing.
Pick a horror movie at your own risk. I did it once.. had to check the doors were locked every half hour afterwards.

Begin a Project: 
This doesn’t have to be something huge like learning karate or building a kiln (because who doesn’t have plans to build a kiln) it can be as simple as reordering your bookshelf or editing that short story. Sketching, ordering, sewing; something that interests you and gets your creativity working. Something to keep your hands busy. Not sure what to create? You have the internet at your finger tips. Play background music – an album you’ve wanted to hear or old favourites you’ve neglected lately. At the end of it, you’ll feel like you’ve been productive and you’ll have a new something to display / use / cherish / sell.

I do not do art, I AM art.
I do not do art, I AM art.

If You’re a Student, Study: 
It will possibly make you depressed at first to know that you’re reading a textbook while your roommates are out, but at least you know that this could be the reason you get a better grade on the next essay. For me study-wise this week, one of my readings this week wasn’t a reading at all but a video of a wonderful speech that gave me ALL the emotions. You can wake up with a hangover or wake up with a HD.
Or both, if you’re superhuman. Teach me your secrets.

Call Up a Long-Distance Friend:
This one might scare you, oh modern-technology-one. This one scares me, too. Call someone? On the phone? With voices? No thank-you, I prefer my conversations to not have long awkward pauses that only telephones can produce. However, if you are someone who can speak on the phone, reach on out. You’ll get a big catch up and will feel more connected to someone afterwards. Otherwise, catch up via messages or even Skype.

Read Under a Blanket With a Hot Drink:
Here it’s winter, which means that 99% of the time when blogging I’m wearing a dressing gown and socks. When it’s icy out it’s nice to snuggle up in front of a heater with a novel or short stories and devour them with a warm tooshy. Read something new, read something trashy, read something raunchy, borrow a book and see what someone you know has been enjoying.

This is the kind of photo that makes me wish I knew the photographer so I could credit them.
This is the kind of photo that makes me wish I knew the photographer so I could credit them.

Make Plans That Excite You:
Sit down and begin to plot things. You’re alone, it’s quiet and there’s nothing stopping you from dreaming. Plan a trip – short or long, near or far. Plan a book. Plan goals. Plan your budget (doesn’t sound much like ‘plotting’ I’m afraid but you may be able to work out how to pay your bills better, right? Yay? Okay skip this one.). Plan next weekend if you think being alone at home isn’t so fun. Plan something that will give you comfort or excitement in the knowledge that soon enough you’ll be out of the house.

Pamper Yourself, Pretty Lady:
Wax those hairy legs you’ve been neglecting in the cold, paint your nails, trim your hair, colour your hair, do a home facial. ‘Look good, feel good’ has some truth to it. If you’re a guy, I don’t see why you couldn’t pamper your fine, masculine butt too. This has been all focused on women, I’m sorry, must be because as a girl I just have no idea what guys do when they’re bored on a Friday night. I still don’t see any reason why a guy can’t do a face mask to clear out his pores though – just do it while playing a video game like I do.

Pet Time:
Have a pet? Devote a bit of time to grooming and play time. Over time, we can end up neglecting our pets a little bit because they’re simply always there. I once taught my cat to beg for food when I had a free afternoon. It was a mistake. He does nothing but beg for food now when I’m eating.. I’ve given him too much power.
I liked to create bunny play areas for my rabbit – surely your dog would like his corner spruced up too?

Youtube It, TedTalk It, I Don’t Know Other Entertaining Websites At the Moment:
Man, you can spend a good hour or two watching awesome stuff. I don’t mean the regular cat video loop I mean learning about stuff. Documentaries. Mysteries. Makeovers. My favourite YouTube channel at this time was VSauce. Learning new stuff without feeling like you’re sitting down to a lesson, it’s just fun knowledge to gain. If you’re goal is to fill up your hours, here’s a good place to go.

Switch Online Off: 
Don’t log into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or anything that will show you what your friends are doing while you’re at home. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a good time eating your spaghetti in front of the fire with a book and freshly dyed hair, if you see someone doing something that you’re not, you can easily become jealous or feel ‘less than’.
Remind yourself that there is nothing wrong with a Friday night in no matter how many photos of alcoholic drinks your social networking buddies post.

Happy Friday Night Alone (especially if your lounge looks like this?)
Happy Friday Night Alone (especially if your lounge looks like this?)

Ultimately, my only advice is to do something new, something you’ve been meaning to, or something relaxing or invigorating (feel like working out? Nobody can see you, work out, get sweaty and smile about having a slightly sexier body for next weekend). Do something that doesn’t make you feel like you wasted an evening: the brilliance of this is that there are some of you who just need a night of being a sloth in front of a movie with dessert because you damn well deserve it. Spending a night alone can be hard sometimes, you just have to remember that soon enough you’re going to spend an evening with company and that you may as well enjoy your ‘me-time’ right now while you can.


17 thoughts on “How To Spend a Friday Night Alone

  1. Great ideas, I am newly living alone for the first time. It can get lonely at times, but I am sort of enjoying all the me time. This post certainly makes a weekend in look not too bad at all.

  2. Definitely agree with the meal, the movie, the book and going offline! Damn your bolognese sauce sounds nice. *Tummy rumbles*

    Friday nights in are awesome 🙂


  3. Great ideas! I don’t mind spending Friday night alone. In fact, sometimes I prefer it. I find it no bother at all to make myself a good snack and sit down to a movie by myself, or curl up with a good book. 🙂

    1. I find that if I socialize one weekend, then I’m set for the next 3 Fridays, haha. I don’t mind using them to do assignments or watch television etc any more. Thank you!

  4. I am doing homework, too. Though it’s only Friday afternoon here. If I want to have a really grim Friday night, I could try to read all the Inland Revenue documents about running my own business (which seems to involve masses of record-keeping and palaver, even if I’m not going to earn anything this year). Bah.

  5. Awesome ideas! I’ve learnt to embrace the quiet time when I find myself alone (although I usually find some sort of company as total loneliness makes me feel a little… lonely). But yes – turning off all social networking, snuggling with a blanket and a book is bliss.

  6. These are pretty fantastic ideas. I like to find dessert recipes online and whip up yummy treats for me and me alone. Pampering is a must, haha. And I don’t get why people are so afraid of calling others. I actually prefer talking to texting.

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