Saturation of the Sexy Chick

I watched a very interesting clip today. Watch it here.

The video is called Miss Representation and its message is about media controlling societies view of women. If your news station talks about what a woman was wearing instead of what she had to say, if your magazines talk mostly about the body, if your television viewing is constantly peppered with sexy women then this video applies to you. Well, technically – this video applies to everyone in a way, and should be watched by people of all walks of life.

Screen shot the video so you know what you’ll see when you click the link.

A lot of us do not even notice just how much media we are exposed to each day. As the video states, the average American teenager is exposed to 10.5 hours of media everyday. That is longer than the time they spend at school. Media has a huge impact simply because of its constant exposure.

Guess who else is exposed to that media? Your children. They notice the billboards on the drive to school, and they can hear when the radio presenter makes a sexist remark. They can see the magazines and books you read and the pictures on the covers. They hear the television commercials and watch the music videos. And they go on the internet and see everything. And yeah, they do this from a young age (one friend had a horror story about discovering that her grade 1 (ages 6 and 7) boys had learned how to access porn on the school tablets. Porn. Let that sink in.)  This video is about the incredibly important message about how women are presented, and how men are presented to treat women. This is what you, your children and society are drinking in everyday.

Sexism is dangerous for boys to be exposed to as well. Not all boys are male models or athletes. Also, do you want your son to disrespect and not value females? Do you want him to belittle his future girlfriend? Hit her? Emotionally abuse her? Compare her to supermodels? Indulge rape culture? Be a rapist? Be physically abusive? This might sound extreme, but listen: most rapes are committed by somebody the woman knows and not a stranger, that means your average son / husband / brother and not just the crazy person hiding in a bush; you can be abusive without fists; you can be discriminatory by not hiring a woman for the job just because of her sex; the simple ignorance of not knowing women are as much of a human being as a man – all things that regular men contribute to societies views that women aren’t as important as men.

I’m writing about children because I don’t think we really need more generations perpetrating sexism, do you?

Watch the Video Here

[Don’t confuse this post and think that I hate sexy women. Heck no. I hate the sexism of society]


4 thoughts on “Saturation of the Sexy Chick

  1. Great article. I think you hit the nail in the head when you wrote, “you being tired of listening to women’s rights probably doesn’t compare to how tired some women are of being discriminated against for being female.”

    Admittedly, I am male so I’m not going to pretend I understand the feeling of experiencing the sexism that many women deal with on a regular basis. While I’d like to believe that most men my age view women as equals, I know that most guys also assume that all the work has been done and that equality has been reached; that there’s nothing left to do and no more reason to discuss gender inequality. Even just hearing of a relatively small instance of workplace sexism proves disproves that mindset. And then there’s the larger instances.

    It’s very difficult to keep what is still an important issue on the table. I’m sure that while I try to be as progressive as I can, I probably fall into the category of guys that fail to notice sexism on many occasions. So thank you for the reminder.

  2. Glad you brought this up – the more people see this the more they start thinking. I’ve seen the movie and though it “pretty much says everything you can easily see if you just look from a different point of view”. That was before I told my grandma about sexism and ‘glass ceilings’ in the US and she exclaimed ‘Do they really?’ The majority of people is too used to seeing sexism as something normal to fight it.
    P.S. Love the ‘sexy women’ bit 😉

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