How Many Followers Do You Need for 100 Likes?

I’m guessing that you need a lot, because while I see that many people I follow have well over 500 followers (some of you popular bastards have about 800) the posts themselves don’t often get over 40. This isn’t an indication of bad blogging, in fact, a lot of the time I read funny, honest, great posts that don’t get the kind of attention that you think would come from 700 followers. Buddies, if I could like your stuff 10 times I… probably wouldn’t because I’d look super stalky.

How I feel after writing that introduction.  Always watching, blogging pals, aallwaays watching.
How I feel after writing that introduction.
Always watching, blogging pals, aallwaays watching.

Perhaps there is some kind of ratio in play. For every 100 followers you’re eligible for 1 like, or something. If I were a mathematician I could have worked out some kind of average / guide by now but sadly, I still count with my fingers. I do not believe that you need to have 100 likes for every post you write, because it’s all about the quality not the quantity but it is funny when you see a post you whipped up in 5 minutes get twice as much positivity as the one you spent more time and effort on.

There are bloggers out there getting 300 likes a post. I’ve seen them with my own eyes! Just over the mountain! And these people tend to have 2,000+ followers. When you think about it, that’s still quite a gap between followers : likes. Where is everyone? My theories – which I have totally spent heaps of time thinking about and aren’t just come up with right now, pfft – are as follows:

– Time differences. While you’re posting maybe your followers are sleeping then going to work and by the time they log on, your post is lost down the bottom of the reader.
– They don’t remember when or why they followed you and are too lazy to click and remember, preferring to stick the ones they know.
– Your post was very specific on one certain topic that only concerns / interests other people from that specific thing.
– You wrote something offensive to that person but only to that person reading. Or just offensive in general, I dunno, made you’re a bastard.
– People just didn’t really like it enough to hit click. It was good but they read and moved on.

Besides, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. 

But darn it if I didn’t wish I could. Imagine for a moment being so spectacular that nobody dislikes you. People don’t even resent you for being so well liked. Meanwhile, back in reality, your post wasn’t fussed over as it should have been. So how do you appeal to a wider range of followers?

Ah yes, this would actually work.
Ah yes, this would actually work.

Cats? Sex? Scandal? Brilliance? I don’t know, I apologise if you thought I would have answers, I just know that sometimes I read a wonderful post that gets 12 likes and an alright one that gets 67. I have only a few ideas about it:
Some bloggers are great at keeping up their activity and reading so people feel obliged to come to their page and like a post. They gain popularity through the hard work of interacting first with others. You sometimes have to lead readers to your post – but be genuine, don’t just hit like on 50 posts you didn’t even read because some bloggers will tell that you aren’t really interested in their super specific bee farm posts when you’re writing about inner-city night life.
Some blog posts have titles that are catchy. Some have titles that are googled often – one of my posts has over 7,000 views but only like 30 likes, because the viewers aren’t bloggers but regular people googling a topic.
Some people share their posts a lot on other social media sites.

In the end, the weird magic ingredient that makes one post liked twice as much as another of equal or greater quality is a mystery of timing and followers and words.


59 thoughts on “How Many Followers Do You Need for 100 Likes?

  1. I do not know whether it’s just me or if
    everybody else encountering issues with your website.

    It appears as if some of the text in your posts are running
    off the screen. Can somebody else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them as well?
    This might be a problem with my web browser because I’ve had this happen before.

    1. Hey 🙂
      Hmm, it isn’t happening to me, I use Google Chrome. I’m not sure what to suggest as I can’t see the problem but maybe try a different browser if it happens with any more wordpress pages?

  2. I get a follower a day or so on average, but only because I work like crazy to keep up lots of content. I should trim down the number of people I’m following back to just ones I want to communicate with, mainly writing advice and blogging advice people, ones that fit my niche. I think that kind of honest maintenance is what generates a more solid following of people who really do read and like your posts.

    1. I trimmed down who I was following a while ago and it helped but I’ve still been very slack on my blog reading lately. Keeping up with good blogs you enjoy does generate a good following, I agree!
      I still get followers despite not posting regularly any more, but not nearly as many.

  3. In the early days it was around 1 in 10, these days it is around 1 in 4……… which just shows that a lot more people want to sell me something or I am becoming progressively more crap.
    Fortunately 6 out of ten dentists still like my stuff.

  4. I’m new on WordPress and I stumbled upon this by coincidence. I’m glad I did though because I already made the same observation. My blog is only a few days old and I don’t have many followers yet, so I don’t expect to get a lot of likes. (In fact, I’m pretty happy with the number I reached so far! Especially because I don’t think of my posts as “quality posts” anyway.) But I noticed that even blogs with many followers don’t seem to get a lot of likes or comments around here. And this really surprised me! Let me explain:

    I have been active on Tumblr for years now. The number of likes you get there is usually far away from the numbers of followers you have. But then again not /that/ far away as it seems to be the case on WordPress. Besides, there’s always a good chance that one of your posts goes viral. I have for example a little more than threethousand followers on Tumblr but some of my posts have more than 10k notes.

    Sure, both websites are different in many ways and it’s a different kind of blogging in general. Anyway, the impression I have is that WordPress users are not very active in comparison…? It seems like they log in every once in a while, publish their post, maybe take a look at 2-3 other posts and log out again. Meanwhile, a big part of the Tumblr community seems to spend the entire day logged in, always with at least one eye on their dashboard. Hmm…

    1. I agree, I also use tumblr but I’m more of an on-looker on there than someone who comes up with original content, whereas on here I would come up with posts and so had a much more engaging presence with followers here. That said, I still spend time on tumblr but I don’t spend very much time at all here on wordpress because I don’t want to blog about my personal life and am too busy and lazy to come up with those ‘quality posts’ you mentioned!
      Very different websites.

  5. I have been struggling with this a lot! I’m glad I’m not the only one. It is kind of irritating (in a snobby way) to see that someone who re-post a funny e-card on their blog may get 60-70 ‘likes’ and then someone else who writes an honest, refreshing, or humorous piece gets 5. It hardly seems fair. But I guess the blogging world is no different than life. It ain’t fair, is it? But it’s good to know I’m not alone in trying to figure out just how it works!

    1. Nothing is fair indeed! I think the person who does the funny re-post gets the extra likes because it’s so much easier for people to digest when they’re busy / feeling lazy than a longer, written post. We’re all so ‘now now now! I want to just read your entire post in a minute!’ so that makes it hard when you’re writing longer content.
      You’re definitely not alone! haha

  6. As someone also said above, my most popular posts tend to be awards posts. Maybe people are looking to see if we passed it on to them? But I have definitely noticed that the percentage of readers who like or comment on a post is a small fraction of the total followers. I’ve decided a lot of people simply read and don’t interact.

    1. I think they must be. I haven’t looked at any award posts in over a year now though, whoops!
      Even I can’t say that I read and interact any more – I simply haven’t been so I can see how people don’t flood their followers notifications with likes.
      I need to get back on the wordpress horse.

  7. Everyone needs more jazz n their life. I admit I was jealous when you were freshly pressed, but your a good writer so you deserve it. I know i should add pictures and make my posts “pretty”, but sometimes I couldn’t be bothered.
    And I’m guilty of just looking at photos too. I follow a lot of photo blogs, so sometimes i just click like for the photo, I don’t read the text.

  8. I admit I have thought about this before. Let’s say I have 700 followers… however, many of these followers probably follow a tonne of people, so basically they’d have a lot of posts to go through in their Reader. They might not go past the 10th or 15th post, and as such would not notice my own that became buried under the pile of new posts.

    It’s a little bit sad, but I’d rather have genuine likes than “hey-I-liked-you-come-check-out-my-blog” likes. 🙂

  9. Ah, yes. THIS topic. LOL!

    I’m usually rolling my eyes when people get over 100 likes. It’s nothing against them, just…how, who, why, etc?

    Like clockwork, the posts I spend the least amount of time and energy on get the most attention. Award posts are strangely popular, but I’ve stopped accepting awards.

    And, someone above said something about how the photo posts get crazy likes. Personally, I think that’s because they are quick and easy to look at, and people have busy lives. Plus, what kind of genuine comment can you really leave on a photo post? Beautiful, cute, fun! I admit I’ve said some of these before, and I just end up feeling like a bit of an asshole afterward. : )

  10. I think I’m missing something. Or I’m not observant enough. Apart from the email followers some people chose to publicly display, where on someone else’s blog can you see how many followers they have?
    I’ve only got about 110 followers (not that much I would have thought) and rarely get more than 10 likes on a post. So I usually guess they have about 10times as many followers as average likes. Rough guide.
    I really thought my recent post about a toilet blockage would have attracted thousands! No, not really. 😉

  11. It was a while ago, but I once posted what I believed to be the most engaging piece I’d ever written. Checked my notifications the next day and had nothing. Nothing! My worst pieces (in my opinion) had performed better.

    These days I try keep time differences in account, but ultimately no single time works for everyone.

    1. Oh that’s definitely a little bit heartbreaking when that happens! Well, you could always post is again since it got nothing then 😉
      I often wake up to notifications because that’s when the people in the Northern hemisphere are up but then people down this side of the globe are sleeping.

  12. I think you bought up a lot of good points here. There are some easy ways to get ‘likes’ I guess which is to just share a photo with very little text. For some reason, they are big like winners. The other would be to get ‘Freshly Pressed’ but that’s a fairly rare event (though I notice you’ve been Freshly Pressed before 🙂 )

    1. Photos with little text are like magnets. I guess they’re fun and easy to get through, and they are often great. Haha yeah Freshly Pressed certainly helps though I can say that the amount of views you get is monstrous compared to the likes. I guess that’s simply how it goes! I don’t mind, can’t complain when this post has had so many great comments. 🙂

  13. My ‘followers’ looks like more than it is. Over 2000 of them are from Twitter, and naturally only a small % of them will actually read a post on my blog. I normally get between 25-50+ likes per post, never got near the elusive 100 though. 🙂

  14. @Heather – ha, yes! I get most response to posts about greyhounds with photos!
    In general, I think folk have different criteria for following. I only follow a blog if I know I’m going to read every post. I get the impression that’s an unusual approach. Certainly there are people following me who I was surprised to see (as their interests/blog seemed so different) and they have never ever liked or commented. My ‘followers’ also include totally defunct blogs – it’s funny that you can’t clear them out. But I know there are also people not posting on their blog but still reading mine.
    A blog like mine, it’s natural not all followers would want to read it all – they might have followed because they like yoga OR greyhounds OR writing OR the Highlands of Scotland, and have zero interest when I’m waffling on about other stuff.
    J – my next post is a 6 month review of how I’ve found blogging so I’ll link in this post, as stats was one of the things I covered!

    1. There must be some big dog fans on here – my post on the dog that visited us in the most popular posts I’ve written!
      Wow that is great dedication! I originally intended that but have now followed so many great people that I simply can’t keep up with every post. I just check in every now and then :S
      Hmm, it is funny. I wish there was a block type button for them. Haha I like all those topics so I should like everything.
      Oh why thank you, I look forward to it! Meanwhile, (all my replies on here demonstrate how slack I’ve been lately on here) but the last comment you left me was honestly the best comment I’ve ever received and has actually helped me in real life. I’ll write back to it in a bit 😀

      1. Aw, thank you, that’s nice to know. don’t feel you have to write back to it though; it doesn’t have to be answered!
        re following, it’s not that dedicated really, coz I just don’t follow that many blogs! I read all the ones I do follow and if I ever have extra time I read bits from bloggers who follow me, or search keyword topics and browse around. I just know if I followed loads, however great they were, my reader would turn into an oppressive to-do list in my mind, and I want blogging to be fun!

  15. I have a higher following *I sound like a cult* because my blog is integrated with twitter and facebook (bumps up numbers quite a bit). Not all these people have wordpress accounts and therefore can read my post but can’t like my post, however, they do like it on facebook *or else* Lol.

    1. Ah yes that is true! I had mine attached to facebook a while ago which helped the numbers look bigger.
      Well if they don’t like it on facebook they may as well not even be your friend. haha. I’ve been meaning to comment back to the last comment you sent to me on your post about heading back to Australia but I constantly let my blogging get behind. Anyway, I was just going to say good-luck and I hope your husband finishes up and gets there before you even get to miss him. 🙂

  16. Hmm, this is a good topic and it makes me think. Each of your theories seems like a plausible factor to me– though I can’t help but wonder if there’s a certain given number of “likes” any post by someone with a trillion (by which I mean 1,000+) followers will get. I also think that a lot of people only blog irregularly, or start a blog and then leave it– so that might account for more of the discrepancy between followers and likes.

    The big question for me is how on EARTH people cultivate such ludicrous (four or five digit) followings!

    1. Good points! Sometimes I receive a follow from someone who hasn’t written any posts and then never does o.O Where do they go? haha.
      I never know! I think they must be really dedicated to being active by liking and following and commenting to lots of people. It blows my mind when someone has like 20,000! I would forget half the people who talk to me :/ I think I’ve reached my limit now with remembering the regular people I comment with on here.

  17. Great post! I’ve thought about this issue many times before. Like today, for example. I JUST hit 100 followers this morning, but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more than 20 likes on a post. Where IS everybody?

    And about my life, there’s a lot of jazz in it, actually. Not that I play (I wish), I just listen to a lot of jazz, almost every day,

    1. Haha if only all 100 of those had liked the same post!
      You have an exceptionally jazzy life! I would like to play jazz. I’d wear sunglasses and smoke and take it very seriously. It would be great.

  18. Hmm a brilliant cat trapped in a sex scandal. something Ive observed over the last year or so.on all the boards I am a member of, the number of likes and comments have dropped considerably. where once you might get twenty five comments and likes in one day, which is low compared to number of daily views, now a post is lucky to get two comments in a week and maybe one like. but the number of readers have gone up.

    I tend to think people just don’t bother to comment or like posts

    1. Excellent idea. Now we need to find a brilliant cat…
      You know it’s funny because I was thinking the same thing. Over Christmas and January online activity seemed to slow down, though it’s picked up some now but I guess everyone was holidaying.
      That’s another good theory and probably true! Sometimes I read something and don’t like even though I did. Ah, I am lazy.

  19. I get sad that the posts I write about food (usually recipes), or ones that are just photos get more likes than the ones where I’ve actually used my brain and written more than 20 words, usually these take the form of book “reviews”. Which is ironic as this blog was meant to be mostly about book reviews when I started it. It has become abundantly clear that most people prefer me when I’m silent and showing them pretty pictures or giving them food – which strangely enough is similar to my actual life.

    1. Perhaps people haven’t read the book or don’t want to read whichever book you’re posting about, but I think that’s being too nice about it – because people definitely like picture posted more readily as they’re easier to read! I am guilty of that sometimes though because sometimes I’m tired when scrolling through my reader so will only check the shorter ones :S
      Aww that last line makes me sad, well, I like your posts no matter what they’re about! haha. I really need to read more of yours, I’ve just got myself into the pickle of following so many people that it’s hard to keep track.

      1. I think it’s just the simple fact that my food looks better than my writing is. The things I pass off as book reviews are generally quite opinionated and often rambley. But I’m working on them. Sometimes I get so excited about a book I just have to pour my words out without even thinking. You’re not really missing out on much!
        I get what you mean about only reading shorter posts though. I’ll only read a really long one if the first couple of paragraphs entertain me, otherwise I get bored and can’t see why I should continue reading. Having said that though, someone else might find those first two paragraphs absolutely thrilling. I guess taste certainly counts for something!

  20. I’m procrastinating at work, which is why I am commenting 😉

    I’ve come across so many posts that get a lot of likes and they seem pretty mediocre and I always think ‘what, you like this?’ It’s not that it’s crap, but it isn’t very good…

    My mum and dad will like my posts (only on FB though) so maybe these people just have a very active family/friend following…

    1. Haha always a great excuse to check wordpress! That’s a good point, people you know in real life who follow via email or just check it can’t like / comment. Another theory!

  21. It’s hard to tell, most people just follow other blogs in hope for a return follow and never come back. I’m pretty close to 500 followers and the most “likes” I’ve had on one article was like 25 lol. It’s okay, the likes tell you who’s reading at least!

    1. That’s true. Sometimes people of other languages follow me haha and I have no idea what they’re posting about so can only assume they’re looking for blind follows. Or maybe they really just like my blog and speak English. That’s very true!

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