Thriving Encouragement


I went outside to check on my basil plant the other day, (because the thing has become a leafy baby that needs a check on each day in my eyes) and I found this guy sitting on the leaves, blending in. I don’t like having something I eat outside just for this exact reason, or more so slugs, but this guy looked so happy sitting in there that I snapped a picture of him. Bugs are kind of inevitable for foods, but basil seems a pretty good natural repellent for most pests. This guy vacated the pot soon after this photo.

The basil is thriving. It wilted a little in the heatwave but moving it into shade and sprinkling some water on it perked it back up almost straight away. I certainly chose an easy food to begin with, herbs seem quite hardy. The yellow on the leaves in the picture is not there in reality, but there due to an instagram filter. It has doubled its size and grows everyday, so much so that I have too much basil for just me! So we’ve decided to make some into a homemade basil pesto. Which is still pretty much having the same amount of basil… but who’s counting.

The basil surviving this long and so well has confirmed that I should move on to some other herbs and vegetables. After consulting some gardening websites for tips I have chosen to tackle spinach, lettuce and perhaps capsicum. I just have to work out the where to plant them now! Let’s just hope they don’t die.

I heard about a campaign called ‘Meat Free Week’. You can sign up and be sponsored to go a week without meat in order to ease the demand on meat factory farming, and of course ease your money bag for a week! They provide recipes for us meat dependers. I haven’t signed up because I didn’t think anybody would sponsor me, and I found out about it today and it starts tomorrow. These are probably weak excuses so I decided instead to have my own meat free week (I’m sure the campaign will half-thank me) and promised myself to learn to cook some new meals that don’t involve meat or take-away. I think this will actually be hard.

It’s funny how much meat you eat without realizing, it’s true that suddenly you find yourself having had meat for most meals of the day. I think a meat-free week could make you feel better, and especially a take-away free one. I will have to let you know at the end of the week how I feel: better? worse? the same? more alert or more tired? We’ll see. I will be tested Wednesday as my mother has declared she is making roast lamb and we all better be there. Vegies for me it will be!

Do you have any favourite vegetarian recipes / meals you’d recommend I try? 


13 thoughts on “Thriving Encouragement

  1. What a silly little bug! I would love to grow plants outdoors but I have an anti-green theme. I tend to kill any plants I oversee. Your basil looks beautiful and I’m really interested in checking out the Meat Free Week… looks intriguing.

  2. Oh my gosh, I would freak out finding that haha! I’d feel ridiculous right after, realizing it’s a harmless, sweet little insect but.. First reaction would be YAYX x

  3. Wish we could grow basil outside! We’ve got rosemary, chives and thyme though. Used them all last night in a roast veg dish – carrot, shallot, pepper (your capsicum!), baby potatoes, grilled haloumi on the top and some quinoa mixed through (not used to cooking this – but I toasted it first in sesame oil then boiled it for ten mins). We’re trying to cut right back on red meat this year, and we all enjoyed this dish, even the 14yo – but he’s adventurous in his tastes for a Scottish boy.
    PS I agree with gentlestitches – chick peas are lovely – if you know what to do with them, which I don’t really – keep meaning to make my own humous but it hasn’t happened yet!

    1. I’m planning chives / oregano and something else that my mum wanted next, they sell these little 3 part pots at the nursery for only a few dollars so thought it would be nice to put them up on the windowsill. I’m surprised it has thrived outside actually. Hmm might have to make something like that myself. haha yeah I think I will need some practice with the chick peas.

  4. That basil certainly isn’t fawlty!
    *falls off chair, rolls around on floor, slapping thigh, silently laughing*

    *Realises joke wasn’t funny, gets back up onto chair, continues reading stuff on internet.*

    Doing well with the vegie garden, Jess! I think I’ve mentioned how unsuitable my soil is for growing anything, including grass. Therefore if I had to grow my own food there would have to be some cows in my yard or I’d starve. Actually there are roos and rabbits and foxes behind my place so they could make decent meals… So the meat free week wouldn’t do well for me, I think! 😉

    1. haha I am glad you enjoyed your joke so much. My soil can grow grass but it’s killed everything else, so I think I will try the other side of the house and see how it goes. I don’t want to grow heaps, after all.
      haha you have a hunting ground behind your home!

  5. That’s a really cool picture. As for meat free week, great idea, and it’s surprisingly easy, you’ll be fine. If I can indulge in some shameless self-promotion, I’d recommend making this:

    They may seem weird toppings for a burrito but I swear it’s really good! Also, seeing that you already made pesto and you’re going to grow spinach, you could try spinach pesto. You use the same ingredients, except you swap pine nuts for walnuts and basil for spinach. Best of luck, hope you manage to resist the lamb roast!

    1. No that’s fine! 🙂
      Thanks for a recipe. I will definitely try the spinach pesto, I love that you can put them on pasta since pasta is one of my favourites. And luckily not made of meat!

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