One Website to Rule Them All

Transferring money online is a pretty personal business. I’m not going to say, open up my online bank account page in front of anybody else, not even my nana, because money just isn’t something I talk about with people – and people who ask you about your funds are people I don’t talk to. Strange then, that when I recently transferred $20 to my housemate, that below the details there was the option ‘let blahblah know you’ve transferred money through Facebook.’

Back up. Hold on. Pull up your socks.

Why on Earth would I let a website like Facebook hook up to my netbank? Bigger question: how has Facebook become so powerful on the web that they are allowed to be connected to your bank account? Is this another marketing ploy? It feels like one. See how much money I have, check out my weekly income, and suddenly, advertising to me just became a whole lot easier.

"because I am the King, darling.... now pay your taxes and offer me your firstborn son."
“because I am the King, darling…. now pay your taxes and offer me your firstborn son.”

Websites already ask you if you would rather sign into them through Facebook than with a username / password combination, and this seems okay-ish for sites like Goodreads and Pinterest, but sites that involve money trading hands shouldn’t be anywhere near this social media giant purely because… why do they want to be?

I constantly try to clean up my account. In 2011 I had 570 friends (for some reason) but after a friend attempted to hack me so as to stalk an ex-boyfriend,  my old account was shut down, and so I had to make a new one. I began that new one with a different view. Going through the ‘people you may know’ section looking for my old friends got me thinking ‘do I really need to add so-and-so again? What do they actually mean to me? What impact do they have on my life?‘ Most of the time the answer was not much. Now, I have a lower friend count. I don’t feel the need to add everybody, I’m not perturbed by my number of friends, and I actually feel a strange sense of  anxiety, or pity, or something for those with 1000+ friends.

Though I am sure there are happy, actually popular people out there with 2000 friends.
With my new account also came the exclamation that I was only going to upload photos of some worth. Is it funny? Is it interesting? Is it of friends? Is it pretty? However I do tend to upload a selfie or two which cannot be described as any of these things except funny. People don’t need to see everything. I cut back on my ‘about me information’, too. No more school history, no more workplace. There’s really just no need for me to have them up. Friends know where I went to school, family knows where I work. Nobody else should care what I’m doing.

It was only a couple of weeks ago though that I took to hacking down my ‘liked pages’. I unliked all my music, books, films, television pages etc. Goodreads is where I get my book listing fix, and the rest don’t matter. Besides, pages clog up a newsfeed. Except that now that I’ve cut down my liked pages to 50 (I can only see and count 18, but apparently there’s still 50. Very shifty.) I’ve been getting advertised to twice as much. Pages I’ve never even heard of show up in my newsfeed as if they’re welcome friends. “Your friend People likes this page. Like this page?’ No. Fuck off. I don’t want to like no pages about clothes or shoes or whatever. Worst of all are those apps and pages you have to ‘allow’ access to your page to see. I never click those because I don’t know why they want to know my friends list, information and likes.

But nothing about Facebook, not even the fact that they store all your messages and know not just my phone number but also the phone company (displayed in your ‘about section’ if you use it on your mobile), disturbs me more than them asking to be connected to my bank account.
So, why do I still have one? Well, my family. It’s pretty much the only way I communicate with my father who is frequently out of the country and can’t answer a telephone. Facebook chat is the easiest way. Plus, I just do. You know? You just keep your facebook. You aren’t sure why you haven’t deleted it yet, you just know that you don’t really want to… yet.
Until of course they find this post and send assassins to kill me. It’s only a matter of time.


18 thoughts on “One Website to Rule Them All

  1. I completed the massive job that was deleting my facebook account. It took a few tries, but Its done. Now I refuse to have one, even for marketing my novel. Besides, people are leaving facebook anyway; its boring and tired and there are so much new social media to try.
    I’ve never heard of facebook wanting your back account. Be very careful since it might me phishing or spam or a fake site. Maybe you should report that to someone, sounds really dodgy to me.

    1. I should complain to my bank. I can’t trust a bank willing to sign up to facebook online partnership anyway. Maybe I should move all my money (because I’m SUCH a millionaire haha) to a piggy bank at home.
      I much prefer wordpress, people are generally nicer / more polite / more interesting. Most of facebook is very angry and hostile and ‘why do do post about this or this or this’ to everyone. Such an angry place. I admire your ability to delete! Maybe I should go back to classic emails to talk to my father.

      1. I prefer WordPress too. I had a blogger account, but it was hard for me to use, so I didn’t post much and I had no followers. WordPress is definitely better.

        If you want to delete facebook, I watched videos on Youtube. I swear, its like trying to leave a cult. Make sure you delete everything first, then save as deleted, then delete your account. I think it took me 3 days, but it was worth it.

        I think email is a better idea or that old fashioned idea of email on paper 😉

  2. Great post – I only recently got Facebook after about half a year at university simply to get the updates from a sports team I joined (they post their training times etc. on there) – that’s it, I haven’t added any friends or anything and all my settings are on private. I don’t use it as a social networking site really and didn’t ever have an urge to ‘join the trend’ before – once I don’t need it anymore for it’s current purpose, I will definitely be deleting it. I can understand how it makes keeping in contact much easier though but it’s true, most people probably have far too many ‘friends’ that they don’t ever really talk to.

    As you mention briefly in your post, yes everything is so much more ‘public’ nowadays and I think your ‘Back up. Hold on. Pull up your socks’ attitude about the money transfer is totally normal – I would probably have felt the same!

    1. It’s both handy and annoying that more and more classes / teams post details via facebook. One of my university classes posts all the reading links and comments on them on their facebook page. I admire your ability to simply delete yours after your team is finished 🙂

  3. I go on Facebook once a week maybe…sometimes twice. I remember once I went a whole month without ever checking it. All the friends I have on there are actually people I know and want to keep in touch with, but I think I would cancel my Facebook if only so many other things didn’t require a Facebook login.

    1. Haha exactly, and oh, most places do require the old facebook login.
      I check mine way too often. Maybe I should fill in my time with something more productive, like going outside. I hear it’s nice out there.

  4. Good post. In the past two days I have had contact with two bloggers about Facebook.

    One had deleted her account and another was going`cold turkey` for a period to see if she really does need it.

    I get the feeling there is a backlash against this almighty god.

    1. Thank you! Haha I do that too, some times I’ll put my photos on private and then I backtrack and think hmm maybe it’s okay for my friends to see them. Such fickleness the website brings out in me.

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