Mitten’s Kittens

Every now and then, the Daily Prompts spark my interest and I feel the need to write a post on their topic, despite not being a part of Post A Day. Actually, most days their topics interest me, I just don’t see them everyday. Today I did, and why would I miss a chance to talk about myself?

‘All About Me’.

Actually, I’m not crazy on talking about myself, (which makes no sense because I have a blog…) – but my blog’s title isn’t so much about me as it is about the person I’m with. The name ‘Mitten’ is my boyfriend’s pet name for me, which evolved from kitten. For some reason we one day decided to change our pet names to start with the letter M. His ‘puppy’ became ‘muppy’. Much better. Way cooler to say.

It’s not the first time I’ve changed letters around, as I child I once began a game with my ex-step mother and her daughter that was basically just saying everything so that it began with the letter ‘P’. It’s actually quite a difficult game, especially if you get into the writing the words down. One of my treasured belongings is a card I received from her a year after her and my father split. It was a birthday card with a Far Side comic on the front, and the whole message inside (written on both sides it was so long) was written so that every word started with a P. That’s love and commitment to a joke.

Mitten’s Kittens is a play on my nickname; in my head the ‘kittens’ refer to each of my posts. The kittens of Mitten. My furry balls of cuteness that I like to play with and take naps beside.

Or this is how my posts get to you.
Or this is how my posts get to you.

I’m constantly referred to as Mitten now, so much so that my actual name has begun to sound funny, and as if it doesn’t suit me properly any more. That said, I wouldn’t ask anybody to call me Mitten on purpose – not when each friend I have has a different, specific nickname for me themselves. Blondie, Jers, Precious, Slippery Mongoose. I shouldn’t even bother having a real name. Mitten is my favourite, though. It’s said with so much love, and meaning, and history. It’s a relationship summed up in the calling of a name.

Mitten’s Kittens. Lord, don’t let that Muppy dump me or this blog is going to be an awkward reminder of my failure to be lovable every time I post.

16 thoughts on “Mitten’s Kittens

  1. Hahaha that is cute, it’s cool to know the story behind your blog name. And nicknames given by those you love are always the ones that seep under your skin and become a part of you, I think (having said that, my girlfriend and I tend to keep our nicknames for each other to ourselves. I don’t think there’s a particular reason for this though).
    I also love the word game with the letter p, that sounds like so much fun! :P

  2. Word games are fun, but only using words starting with p would definitely be a challenge. I have nicknames for my cat, a chocolate point Burmese. He has a main name, of course, but at different times of the day I’ll call him other silly names like Sausage, Mr Puss or Shmoopy (borrowed from Seinfeld).

  3. Have you ever watched a clip from “It’s Always Sunny” in which Charlie tries to market his new invention, Kitten Mitten’s.

    It funny anyways but I bet you’d get an extra kick out of it.

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