Quick Post

Quick Post

Today I watched the special features of the final Harry Potter films. I was always a fan of the books, and am one of those people who feels personally offended when someone says ‘they’re not even written good.’ because really, did you not read them? And typically, the person claiming they’re badly written hasn’t even read them. J.K Rowling created a dense, intricate, magical (pun time) world that was captivating, comforting, and full of real, rounded characters. Plus, there were moments that were legitimately funny – writing humour is difficult, but she could do it too. I’m not the biggest fan of all, however, I’m just a quiet fan in the backseat who reads her Harry Potter book in the dead of winter in front of the fire when I just want some warmth and pleasure.
I’d love to talk more about J.K Rowling because she is inspiring and not just because of her success but truly because of her views, opinions, charity and feminism.
I enjoyed the movies but never as much as the books. They left out a heap of details and big things, some bad casting choices, changing things around etc… But! I did decide to send a fan letter to Tom Felton when I was 11. I had a crush on Daniel Radcliffe, but unable to find his fan letter address I thought I’d give Tom a go. Lucky I did because that bad boy wrote back to me.
I don’t care what you say he DID write it! It wasn’t genetic! Don’t lie!
I loved it so so much when I received my reply. It was like I had a small connection to the Harry Potter world, which made me feel special. And when I was 11, and indeed, for a long time afterwards, I didn’t have anything to feel special about.
Thank you Tom Felton fan mail team! You made a little girl very happy (remember when 11 was still being a child and not a tween?)
Anyway, here’s the autographed picture I got. Tom Felton became my favourite after this.


19 thoughts on “Quick Post

  1. Massive HP fan here, and JKR pretty much was my teen years and she was the reason I got so into reading and later writing. I owe her so much.
    I’ve read her latest novel (adult – yes, definitely!) and it took me a while to wrap my head around the fact that this was Harry’s mother basically writing this adult stuff. But once you got used to that, it was really good. She definitely understands the concept of creating characters that will stick with you and that has always been her strongest side in my opinion. I would recommend it, just to experience her style of writing in a (very!) different way.

    Oh yeah, and Rickman as Snape was one of the best casting choices! That, and Julie Walters as Mrs Weasley! Just perfect!

  2. 🙂 Haha I was a year younger than them. I remember my 11th birthday and really thinking that a letter would come and if not, then at least Hagrid would make the trip 😦 Maybe my moving to Edinburgh had a deeper more rejected motive? 🙂

  3. I like the books! Though I never knowingly saw JKR, she was writing chunks of the first book in the same Edinburgh cafes at the same time as I was writing chunks of my PhD in them. Which I find quite amusing, since I could count on my fingers the numbers who have read my PhD! (I did see Ian Rankin several times in said cafes, but he was always drinking coffee, not writing).
    Anyway – JKR has also been pictured with and talked about her greyhound, which is fab news for raising understanding and awareness of the breed. They are perfect “writers’ dogs” (they like nothing more than to spend hours sleeping elegantly next to you as you tap away on the keyboard, then accompany you for short walks on your screen breaks) and so many of them need homes.

    1. Oh wow! That’s pretty cool.
      Haha maybe your PhD will be amazingly famous in the future?

      That’s good news, I’ve been thinking for a year now that when I have a house I’ll adopt a greyhound, I started thinking I would after reading Roald Dahl’s story about greyhound racing and how awfully they are treated. I was talking about it with a friend and he said that too – you’d think they’d need to be exercised heaps because of their racing but they’re actually content to curl up with you.

      1. Yay! You should definitely get a hound or two when you are settled. I wanted one for years but had to wait till I had a house & garden, and a big enough car! They are strange creatures, very different to other dogs – but as long as you read up on them & how to settle them into civilian life, they are soooo easy to have around. Ours is a delight; even the family members who thought they weren’t dog lovers are smitten. (If you want to see pics of her & get refs to the hound books I found most helpful, there’s a couple of posts on my site).

  4. Huge Harry Potter fan. Read all the books THEN watched all the movies back to back. I still do it at least once every few months. Have you read her adult novel? I’m hearing terrible things about it and it costs $43 in my country to buy it hard cover….

    1. I haven’t read it yet either but I’ve only heard good things! So now I am confused. It’s cheaper here, so I should probably get onto it. It’ll be strange to read something else by her I think, but only for the start.
      Watching and reading Harry Potter is one of the best past times!

  5. What? Someone actually said the HP books were badly written? Haters, etc.
    Yes those books were very funny at times. The Weasley twins…
    As for the casting for the movies, I think there were some brilliant choices. My top 5 in order:
    5) Maggie Smith – McGonagall
    4) Robbie Coltrane – Hagrid
    3) Ralph Fiennes – Later Voldemort
    2) Alan Rickman – Snape
    1) Helena Bonham Carter – Bellatrix. She nailed it.

    Kenneth Branagh as Gilderoy Lockhart was pretty damn god too!

    I hope your “bad choices” aren’t among these!

    Enjoy the photo of Tom! 😉

    1. Right? Bitter people.
      Definitely not! We were thinking about the good choices today and those were on there 😀
      JK Rowling said that Emma Watson was the ‘perfect Hermione’ so I have to see her as being a perfect choice for the role, and she was good.

      1. I was blown away when HBC was playing Hermione as Bellatrix with polyjiuce potion in #7. I was thinking did they do up Emma with the Bellatrix look but wifey said no that was HBC. Mannerisms were perfect. Impressed!
        Actually Emma Watson did a better job in the later movies. She was a bit awkward in #1. All the kids did really, shows how they all grew as actors between #1 and #7.2

        1. HBC is amazing, and she was great as Hermione. Her whole demeanor changed! It’s funny seeing the difference between the acting level of her and Ralph Fiennes and Maggie Smith etc compared to the young ones. Such a gap even from the best kids. Acting takes such practice and building up your skill.

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