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Wanderlust hasn’t hit me yet. Much to the disbelief and incredulation of everyone I know. “What do you mean you don’t want to go travelling??” Well, I just don’t want to. Yet. I do actually have a list of places I would like to see one day…

Some of my interests include mountains (though I am not about to tackle Everest any time soon), world history and lounging, and I think the following places would indulge those interests:

1. Italy
All of my life I have dreamed of visiting Italy, and I think it appeals to me purely for it’s historical monuments and food. I did learn Italian in primary school, though like most Australian children I didn’t learn much of a second language. But my interest in the Renaissance did lead me to learn a fair bit on the subject, and I’ve been dedicated to studying the taste of spaghetti bolognese. So what better place to visit? I’d love to see the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi, the Pantheon, Roman Forum, Spanish steps, Venice, the Sedlec Ossuary…
I would be the ultimate tourist in Italy, and I’d love it. Not even a bit embarrassed by walking around with a map staring up at things with a fanny-pack. Plus, a few honeymoon nights in Tuscany or on the Amalfi coast would be appreciated, too.

2. The Grampians, Australia

Yeah, I stood in that gap. The er, railing was broken and my Grandma let us because safety is for losers.
Yeah, I stood in that gap. The er, railing was broken and my Grandma let us because safety is for losers.

Lucky for me, the Grampians are only a few hours away from where I am now. Unlucky for me, I don’t own a car so haven’t been there in 12 years. Twelve years! However, we have it booked in that the moment I get a vehicle, we’re taking it down to the Grampians for a few nights of mountain walks, bush scenery, cabin sleeping and wildlife spotting. I’ve always been told that before you see the world, it’s great to see places in your own country first. I don’t know how many other people agree, but it does seem like a logical decision. Shouldn’t we know the wonders of our own country? Other Australian places are locked in for when I get that pesky car which include the Great Ocean Road and Sydney.

3. San Francisco (previously was Los Angeles. My choice that is, not the city)


I’ve been sort of warned off Los Angeles by people who have been there. I think I was interested because of the heartache histories attached to Hollywood. The dark, miserable glamour. But San Francisco has been pressed on me as a worthy destination – and I can see why. Culture, modern and fun.

4. European Landmarks and Places
palace-versailles-4_683790c France‘s Les Catacombes, the Louvre, (I guess it would be blasphemy not to see) the Eiffel Tower, the Palace of Versailles… you know, all those places that France boasts! Greece‘s Athens and Olympia, particularly the Temple of Zeus. The concentration camps in Poland: not all history is a wondrous marvel, and I’m interested in seeing parts of it that aren’t beautiful. And, if I can count a part of the UK as Europe, Stonehenge would be a great spot to see, too. We all know I think it’s aliens contrary to whatever evidence they find contradicting that. Scotland, too.

5. Beautiful National Parks
screen_shot_2012-03-02_at_11.56.42_am_1Perhaps they’re Angel Falls, or maybe they’re Yellowstone National Park, perhaps all of the greatest reserves of nature. Nature is the best marvel and beauty.
No places with heaps of bugs though. Fuck that.

I love to hear tales of the best place people visited. My grandma has been everywhere, not sure what her favourite is ultimately, but last I checked she said that Antarctica was amazing – this from a woman who has also canoed down the amazon river. Where was your favourite trip? Maybe I’ll catch the travel bug sooner than I thought.


19 thoughts on “Comfort Traveler

  1. I agree, I don’t have an interest in traveling to most places (nope, don’t feel the need to visit Asia). However, Italy has always appealed to me, as well as being able to see some famous European landmarks in person. Some friends of mine have visited Ireland, though, and they brought back some gorgeous pictures! Ah well, there’s always the travel channel. 😉 Fun post!

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  2. Nice post. Would love to visit #s 1 and 4. I’ve been to 3 several times (love it, of course) but my dream trip is France, specifically Paris. Best trip I’ve gone on: Japan and Thailand.

  3. All very good, save for the desire to see LA. Let me paraphrase LA for you in the most brief manner possible; filthy, overcrowded, and more reminiscent of a Mexican slum than an American city. The English speaking folks are condescending and abrasive; from hipsters to rich west side plastic surgery princesses, you’ll find not a bit of interesting dialogue. As Ben Gibbard said, “You can’t swim in a town that shallow.” Then there’s the criminals, and there are many. At no point should you be out at night without an accompaniment of brave chaps, and some pepper spray.

    If you want to see a decent American metropolis, go to San Francisco, or San Diego. Both are teeming with art, and genuinely friendly people. I have to think that danger in LA has hardened the hearts of most people there, so if you still decide to go, tread carefully, and mind your surroundings. I should know, I lived there and it was hell.

    Yours in Contemplation,

    1. I wondered if someone were going to comment with something like this and confirm all my fears! I don’t know why it is I want to go there when it does sound kind of horrible, and I’m pretty sure I’m already scared of the people / earthquakes. I might have to scratch it off my list and replace with a different American place. My aunt and uncle were in America last year and said they didn’t enjoy L.A. at all, but that New York was awesome and not what they expected, maybe I’ll go there instead. San Francisco seems better, too.

      Ah, L.A. why do I want to visit you?

      1. It’s the allure created by the Silver Screen. Hollywood, being the birthplace of shameless self-promotion, is the very best at shamelessly, and dishonestly touting its myriad offerings as a place where one can find himself/herself, and do so in a safe, laid-back, and pleasant environment. It may have been that way in the 40’s and 50’s, but it hasn’t been that way in a very long time. New York isn’t much different, and NYC has the special pride in that has consistently been voted both one of the dirtiest places, and least friendly places on the planet. Of this appraisal comes from Conde Nast, so they’re clearly only talking about major world cities, but for Mexico City to be considered both more clean, and more friendly, well that’s cause for alarm.

        The point is that real life is horrifying in those places. The people are all dead. Even in the cultural centers all of the eyes that stare so “pensively” at the art seem to be glazed over, as if they’re actually trying to forget that they hate what they’re doing. Perhaps the keen awareness of being surrounded by very real danger is interesting or appealing to you?

        But as for me, I prefer my life in the gilded suburbs, and the pubs and shops on Main Street. You see more of the real America in a place like that, not the major metros. But if you insist, I wholly recommend San Francisco. It’s a marvelous place, just avoid the Tenderloin, China Town, Little Italy, and Market Districts after dark unless you’re with an entourage of scrappy chaps. And NEVER EVER EVER give money to homeless. Seriously. I learned my lesson. (Sorry to be so bleak.)

      2. Oh, and don’t forget San Diego! San Diego in spring, summer, and fall is a sight to behold! Your days can be filled with excellent surf on sunny SoCal beaches, and your nights filled with the adventure of checking out the Gaslamp Quarter! It will literally take you days to explore the whole Gaslamp, and will be a terrific adventure for you. I met some great strangers that I spent the rest of the night with (one of whom was a gorgeous Australian woman. Are you ALL supermodels down under?). The music scene is wide-ranging, and great talent seems to hang out in SD. Just don’t go too far away from the touristy spots, and you’ll be fine. (Avoid National City like plague!)

  4. You do have an amazing country to explore so don’t feel guilty about doing that first! For loads of Scots, going to Australia is their ultimate travel fantasy.
    Scotland’s tiny (tho very varied in scenery etc), but I’ve still got plenty places left to go even here.
    I’ve tweeted you a link from my neck of the woods (inappropriate cliche, few trees in my bit of Scotland) to tempt you!

    1. Haha thank you, I won’t, after all it does have some spectacular natural things to see!
      I’ll check the tweet now and don’t worry – I’ve long harbored a dream of spending part of a honey moon in a Scottish castle so I guess I’ll have to visit.
      Unless of course, no one marries me. hahaha. Thank you 🙂

  5. I want to sit on or near The Hollywood sign 🙂
    I did a ten day bus tour through Europe the summer before last. It was so rushed, but at least now I know the places I want to go back to and explore further. Venice for another peaceful ride on a gondola, Paris just to walk the streets again at my own pace and not worry about getting back to the bus and Munich. There was just something charming and friendly about the place, oh and the beer was also great.

    1. I’ve heard that Munich is fantastic, maybe I’ll have to add more European cities to my list. Rushing does take away some enjoyment, but then I quite like rushing sometimes so maybe a tour would suit me. Ah, a ride on a gondola! Sounds dreamy.

  6. Your grandmother sounds amazing. She’s right Antarctica is ‘amazing’ but it’s more than that. When you’re there in the quietness and the awesome space there just doesn’t see adeuate words for it – you can see some of my photos on:!i=506712387&k=SJFhTL8 I tell my friends that ‘Now I’ve seen Antarctica I can go to my box happy’ – yes, it’s that kind of place. Forget your car get a big coat and catch that boat!

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