Imaginary Chums

Do you ever come across famous people of some kind who you just know, had  there been the right timing or situations, that you’d be good friends? Maybe even friends despite their fame – maybe they’ll know you’re a genuine friend and not an admirer after something? It’s impossible to know anybody in the spotlight properly, but every now and then I just feel like I could be friends with…

nina-dobrev-tiff12-041. Nina Dobrev

We might live completely different lives, but we’re also only a year apart and that probably gives us some sort of connection. Apart from age, however, Nina Dobrev has an infectious laugh, and an adorably fun personality. She talks in silly voices, which I also enjoy, (perhaps we could create a stupid voice together as an in-joke!) and despite seeming like a cool person, we could probably be friends if I were also cool. Also, I try very hard to not pay attention to star signs, but that all my greatest friends have been Capricorns and that Nina is one is a bit coincidental…
Kind of Friend She’d Be: The one you laugh hysterically with.

EXCLUSIVE Kirsten Dunst heads to lunch in Beverly Hills


2. Kirsten Dunst

I realised we could have a kinship when it came out that Kirsten has suffered from anxiety problems. We could find some common ground over this, I think, because you know, every anxious person in the world are best friends. But seriously, I think Kirsten would be so easy to talk to, on a comfortable level.
Kind of Friend She Would Be: The one who visits in the afternoon with drinks, lets you vent, then gives great advice.

The Amazing Spider-Man - UK Premiere3. Emma Stone

I’m pretty sure that most girls would give the nod of friendship to Emma Stone. She appears to be exceptionally ‘real’. Her voice is fun to listen to and she’d always have something to talk about. She seems like she would know how to make you feel better about any problems you might be having. Emma would be the girl who comes over when you’re down, looks at you for a minute, then forces you into a dress and takes you dancing or something deliciously fun She’s also passionate about serious issues, so would be a great friend to have a deeper conversation with over a margarita. Plus, I’m sure some girls would be chuffed to have a connection to Ryan Gosling (though Emma, I promise I like you for you and not that six-packed hunk)
Kind of Friend She’d Be: The one that makes you a better person.

tom_hardy_2567053-14. Tom Hardy

I swear this choice has nothing (much) to do with that picture. It’s only one of those visual benefits that makes friendship so much sexier.
I’ve heard that Tom is seriously charismatic, and from his own mouth he’s a quiet, feminine dude. You know, under the chest hair. Plus, on the star sign thing again (did I just lose all my dignity?) he’s a Virgo, and Virgo’s are pretty chilled out, clean, friendly people. I like those qualities. I think Tom and I could be that guy and girl friend who could always keep it as friends, while being happy for the other’s relationships and being the go-to-opposite-gender-mate to get the opposite perspective on any relationship issues.
Kind of Friend He’d Be: The one you can text for hours. The one you feel an odd mixture of happiness and pride for when they succeed.

Other Potential Friends: Lana Del Rey, Audrey Hepburn, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kristen Stewart and Ryan Higa.

Yeah, so guys, if you’re like ever in the neighborhood drop by and we’ll have a cup of tea and a chat or something, see where my friendship predictions are at. Cool.


21 thoughts on “Imaginary Chums

  1. Interesting post, Jess! Never really thought about friendships with a celeb. Always thought about them being in another world.
    Having said that, since getting twitter earlier in the year I realise it’s much easier to get a “closer connection” to favourite celebs than it ever used to be.
    BTW I like your Virgo description. I’m a Virgo too. It’s very close to the mark. Another trait of Virgos is that they don’t believe in astrology! (Sorry. I love dishing out that line. I must stop.) 😉

    1. That’s an awesome line. I may use it…
      I haven’t followed many celebrities online – just a few authors and I think Leonardo DiCaprio. Maybe I should follow these guys, take the next step in our friendship.

      1. Neither do I. But my daughter is still expecting a personalised response from of the 1 Direction boys any day now… It’s a bit like Tattslotto. She knows she’ll never win but you gotta be in it to win it and it’d be really cool if she ever did. 🙂
        “You think” you follow Leo? You’re not sure? Come on, admit it. you love the guy! 😉

        1. ….okay yeah, he’s kind of my world. But shh.

          Aww, I hope they tweet her back! I once had a myspace comment from one of my favourite bands back in the day… It was amazing. Teenage girls need these things.

  2. I have thought like that but not the ones in your photos – probably because I have only heard of one of them! I guess that’s my loss not theirs. . . My thoughts are along the lines of, ‘ I would love to go to a performance at The Globe theatre in the early 1600’ s, see a performance and talk to Shakespeare himself or perhaps have a pint with Robert Browning and talk about his latest creation. You know, I really must get out more. . .

  3. In my imagination, Tom and I are already friends. But we’re the friends that we promise each other that if we aren’t married by such and such an age, that we will marry each other.
    Then neither of us find anyone and we get married and live blissfully ever after.

    Clearly I have an over-active imagination.

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