I’ve been planning to write up a 46 post for some time now, and when I casually mentioned that it’s my favourite number in my previous post, a few of my followers became all curious as to why. So here’s the answer to the mystery, and yes I realise this is a post on my favourite number. Which is odd. But let me just tell you that what’s even stranger, is how the number itself shows up a ridiculous amount of times in my life.

Let’s just start off the creepy with this:

Yep. The number did go up briefly but then somebody unfollowed me. Huh.

It all began when I was 14 and walked past a sports magazine with Valentino Rossi’s face on the cover. I thought he was cute. Turns out, my friend did too and she explained who he was. She also got mad at me for liking the same guy she liked because well, I mean he’s famous but we were 14 – and fourteen year old girls can be jealous snots. Though I do remember when she very nobly put aside her annoyance and allowed me to also have a celebrity crush on the Rossi. It was a good day. Anyway, as it turned out, Rossi’s racing number (like his father’s) was 46.

So for a few years I went MotoGp crazy – watching the races, cheering for Rossi, knowing every racer and how good they were – until now, when I don’t really know a thing about it any more, sorry MotoGP.

Despite not being the biggest fan any more (I will watch if I happen to catch it, but won’t go out of my way to know the leader board) Rossi’s number has stuck around me for a long time now. Say I’m driving in a car, what number does the car in front of my have in their number plate? 46. Say I’m ordering at a restaurant, what table number do we get? 46. Perhaps I play bingo, what number comes up? 57. Ha, no it’s 46 I’m just testing your concentration.

A month ago I decided to take some photos of the 46 Conspiracy, unfortunately I’ve only been outside like three times in the past 2 months, so I only have 2 photos… and the realisation that my agoraphobia might actually be becoming a proper problem. Damn. Any future photos I take will be added at the bottom as an update.

Casual Pub Meal in a place that doesn’t even have 46 tables.
Hello bus. Example of vehicles in front of me having 46 numbers / number plates. I won’t actually put up somebodies number plate, because that would probably be breaking some kind of privacy law, but a bus is okay? Yeah?

I totally understand the phenomenon that is learning something then seeing it everywhere, but I feel like I have to tell you all that I don’t look for 46. Rather, 46 looks for me. I know this because after I began to notice that 46 was everywhere, one day when looking through my old things I came across the winning ticket I had when I was 5 from a fashion show. I was home sick from school or kindergarten, and my mother was going to a fashion show and auction at her favourite clothes store. It was full when we got there, and the beautiful model who used to do all the store’s catalogue pictures gave me a free ticket because I was actually cute then. I kept my ticket in my pocket until the end when they announced the winner, and somehow, it was me. The model came up and said congratulations. I frowned because I was 5, sick and everyone was looking at me cheering. But I smiled when everybody left and my mum got to choose something from the store for free.

Anyway, when looking through my old things I found it. And guess what number it was?

Now I have a reason for being happy about keeping absolutely everything. Check out the fantastic condition this is in – yep, I am a fantastic hoarder.

Maybe four pictures isn’t enough to prove anything to anyone. I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it that this is only a small example of 46 and me. You’ll also have to believe me when I thank Valentino Rossi for opening my eyes to the number that’s been hovering around the edges of my life, winning me things, indicating me, showing me where to go… My only question now is, what happens when I turn 46? Granted it’s 20+ years away but I have a feeling it’s going to be a special year…


25 thoughts on “Forty-Six

  1. I think if you start looking for number 12 (for example) you will find just as many as number 46. When I was driving a beetle, everywhere I looked, people were driving beetles. It was like an invasion. Now that I don’t drive a beetle anymore, I despair at the loss of these collectionable items… it might just be all in our heads… 🙂

    1. There is a proper name for this phenomenon but I can’t remember it, but yeah it’s basically that once you learn something you’ll pick it up a lot.
      Our heads must like to search out the familiar 🙂

    1. Wow another person with 23! And of course, 46 is double 23… dun dun duun!
      Let me know at the end of next year if 23 was a good year. It’ll prepare me for when I’m 46. Wow can’t believe I’ll be 46 one day….

    2. I was born on the 23rd minute, hour, and day. There’s such a thing as the 23 enigma you might want to read about. Interesting, perhaps there’s nothing to it, but interesting.

  2. Like Norman up there, I also always know when the clock is at 12:34…tis a strange thing these number conspiracies. I’ve never noticed a specific number per say, but I am very afraid of the number 13. Really interesting post, and great story. I hope you’ll update with more 46s

  3. Great post! 🙂

    I often notice duplication of numbers. Sometimes more often than other times. Like 10:10, 1:11, 2:22, etc. Also, in 2009, my birthday was on 09/09/09…

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