Yeah, I Photographed My Lunch

But I promise it was for a reason and not because I wanted to share it on instagram. Today marked a positive step forward in my attempt to health up, and lose weight.

I ate this. It’s a smoothie made of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries (I figured that I should probably get some fruit sometimes) with one of these vegetable cubes designed for smoothies. My meal is just pasta with a little pesto and chili flakes mixed through, then added broccoli, capsicum, cos lettuce and cracked pepper.

Now, to any really healthy person or king of nutrition, I assume you have some problems with this lunch, but let me explain why this is a pretty big step for me. First, I actually ate all those vegetables. No wait, first is that I actually willingly added vegetables! Second, I halved the amount of pesto I would normally use and switched to the healthier pesto brand on offer (I downloaded this free app that scans Australian products, gives you a reading on the salt, fat, saturated fat and sugar levels, telling you what is okay and what’s bad, then it offers a healthier option if needed) Third, I didn’t add any extra salt – and gee, I love salt. I also ate an entire meal that was devoid of meat. I’m trying to learn to feel full and satisfied at a meat free meal. That’s why the pasta is still there (half as much as normal mind you); because I’m cutting things back, and easing in, not jumping in like last time then crying over cravings and going straight to a Big Mac.

Why meat free? I have a few reasons for wanting to lessen my meat intake which include: the high cost of meat, my waistline, cutting my dependence on meat to make a meal which impedes my choices if I have none, and of course, the animals themselves and the impact the meat industry has on the planet.

The red means your product is too high in something.

The app I mentioned is called ‘Food Switch’, and it actually does make things a lot easier. I don’t have to worry in the supermarket any more wondering which is the better choice, because the app scans the bar codes and tells me. I always scoffed a little at these sorts of apps – saying that it’s obvious which is more healthy and that you can work it out yourself, that we’re too dependent on technology – but after using this to scan some of the products in my cupboard, I realise that I haven’t actually been choosing the better product, at all. Though there were some surprises; the mayonnaise in our fridge wasn’t as deadly as I first though.

Adjusting to smaller portions and healthier ingredients after an older diet of well, everything terrible from morning until 11.30pm means that I get hungry quite soon after eating, but at least snacking on capsicum is better than snacking on lollies. You want to know a good thing about eating a healthy meal? Afterwards, you feel good. Light, happy, clear headed and it’s a nice change from how I normally feel. I can’t believe I feel so nice after eating healthy meals, but still crave fatty, salty foods. Sigh, I’ll have a perfect diet one day.

Question I’d love you all to answer: What is your favourite healthy meal or snack? Or what makes you feel really great?

15 thoughts on “Yeah, I Photographed My Lunch

  1. I cup of plain jogurt. (Greek or yalna)
    add one or combination of the below.
    shredded cucumber,
    pinch of salt.
    chopped beetroot.
    chilli powdr if you like it.

    serve as a side dish with almost anything.

  2. I love falafel and salad and plain jogurt and tahini and salad. I also have a magnet in my mouth that pulls the rest of my body to anything sweet within visual range.
    I am thinking of having it removed.

    1. I have to find some yoghurt that isn’t sweet, I’ve been told to try Greek, because other yoghurt is just too tangy and sweet for me – I’m a sweet tooth for lollies, but nothing else, not a fan of doughnuts, cakes, slices, puddings etc
      But thanks for the tip :) I’m going to try some plain yoghurt (you can tell from this comment I haven’t branched out much with my diet haha)

      My magnet is to salty goods. When you get yours removed, recommend me your doctor!

  3. The smoothie looks delicious! And good for you!
    A huge step I took was to stop eating out/ordering in. There’s this small issue though, I’m lazy and the last thing I want to do when I return home after work is cook.

    1. Thank you :) And it really was! It looks a strange colour in the picture, it’s not so pastel-purple in real life haha.
      I have some recipes I look to do instead of take away, they’re not totally healthy but they are better than fast food.
      I think I need to do a fast-food fast though, I still eat it every week, aside from feeling better it’ll probably save me a lot of money.

      Totally get the lazy thing, when I used to work until 10pm there was no way I was cooking at that time. McDonalds was easier.

  4. Go you! It looks like a lovely lunch and I kill for that berry smoothie. I’m trying to lose around 14 pounds….I think I will be following your lunches much more closely…starvation and then a chocolate binge is definitely not the answer.

    1. Haha thank you :) It was an awesome smoothie, if I do say so myself. I think I’ll start replacing dinners with smoothies and start having water with lunch.
      I’ve gained 9 kilos in a year and a half, all fat, I’m not looking to lose all of it (I do like the added curve to my butt…) but I’d like to lose however much it takes to make me look better. I don’t want to put a number on it – I want a flatter stomach and smaller hips but don’t know how much weight needs to be lost to achieve that.

      Oh man, chocolate binges. I need one of those at least once a month.

  5. I know what you mean about feeling great after eating better. It’s both mental and physical for me. I’ve been at it for a couple of weeks now, and I feel better. Still having trouble with the cravings though…

  6. That smoothie and pasta salad look really delicious. My favorite healthy “treat” is actually a drink, and it’s nothing more than water, ice, and a few slices of lime or orange. Perfect for summer, obviously, and a great alternative to sodas. Very refreshing and you can drink as much as you like without remorse. Also, a simple salad of lettuce, tomato, apple and walnuts or pecans, with balsamic vinaigrette, is awesome.

    1. Ooh, that sounds good. We have a restaurant here in town where the food is terrible, but they have this amazing fruit water. It’s one of those water coolers you turn the little tap on and it runs into your cup, but they’ve filled their’s with all kinds of fruit.
      I’m definitely going to make fruity water drinks this summer. Thanks for the tip :)

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