Flashback Friday: Freaks and Geeks

If there is one thing I find annoying in the world of internet self-descriptions, amidst the declarations of being a real individual or the biggest lonely cat lady, I must say the most annoying, ridiculous thing that people post in their ‘about me’s’ is that they love ‘freaks and geeks’.

Here they are, posting a list of all the things they’re into: the whiny indie-pop bands and the underground music, talking about Andy Warhol and photography and unpopular British comedy: all strategically thought up to conjure images of being interesting, a real personality, and there in the middle of the list of things they ‘love’ is the divulging of a secret penchant for nerdy weirdos. 

Now, I can’t assume to know anything about the lives of strangers, despite being an incredibly good judge of character thank you, but when I see ‘freaks and geeks’ on the list of somebody I know, I can’t help but scoff. Because I know who they’re friends with.
Normal people.

When they write ‘freaks and geeks’, do they actually mean ‘freaks’ and ‘geeks’? Do you think they would actually pay any mind, aside from a roll of the eye or a furrow of the brow, to somebody who genuinely fit this description? I just know, just know, that when this term is tossed around in this way, these people are referring solely to wannabe indie, alternatively dressed, rolled-cigarette smoking, high school drop out to play in a band and live off the dole people who are basically, when you consider it, just like them.

I’m referring to people I know, but I realise that if I’ve picked up this pretentious lie escaping from the keyboard of people I know, then others are no doubt filling in their tumblr about me’s with the same fluff. They need to stop acting like they actually give their time and friendship to the people who fit these descriptions – and I mean, really fit them. 

You want to befriend a ‘freak’? Let’s see. Define freak: a person or animal on exhibition as an example of a strange deviation from nature; monster.
Oh I see! You want to be friends with someone who has deviated from nature in such a way that they are now classified as a monster. So, like a serial killer or the guy on the subway who has soiled his pants and is trying to smell the necks of the female passengers? Sure, okay, go ahead! Strike up a conversation!

And geeks, well. I’m going to let this picture speak for me on that subject:

Yeah, because we all know how often the indie kids talk to the nerdy kids. We all remember how often the nerds were included in conversations or parties at high school. In high school, I spoke a few times to some nerdy, geeky girls, and you know what? We didn’t have a lot to talk about. They hadn’t had much social interaction so were nervous and jumpy, which rubbed off on me, and as an already shy person it really halted the conversation. And you know, sometimes nerdy people think they’re better than you if you’re not nerdy. Like because they’ve been picked on all their lives they cling to what they do have and start to think it makes them superior to others who aren’t as obviously ‘smart’. Yeah, sometimes they get grumpy when they discover you like something they like. A real ‘no that’s my thing’ type moment. Not all nerdy people of course, no no, but a few nerdy people I’ve spoken to, yes.

The people who are just like you – regular, into doing things that a million other op-shop clad teenagers are doing, also popular – that’s not you going out of your way to find a freaky geek. When there’s hundreds of you, you’re not really the unusual, alternative people any more. You’re the regular crowd.

A denser Flashback Friday this week, I think I wrote this while unnecessarily annoyed at some indie chick from my town 2 years ago. I hope you enjoyed it, and that you enjoy your weekends. I’m going to be spending mine writing for NaNoWriMo – I want to get to 15,000 words by Monday. Huh, we’ll see.


15 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Freaks and Geeks

  1. Really great blog. The nerd pictures made me laugh audibly.

    Also, good on you for revisiting Freaks and Geeks. It’s a tragedy that show didn’t see a second season.

  2. I must admit I would not speak to the soiled man on the subway and have serious issues with serial killers. Yep, simply put I only like the cool kids and usually people who are more interesting than myself. (mind yu that’s not nessesarily a huge challenge)
    Great post! This seems to point out an ugly truth about profiles = )
    The key would be to have a friend write ones (about me) page. If I every make a friend or two (hopefully a cool indie kid) that will be my method.
    Loved your post,

    1. Haha, I’m definitely not keen on the men I described either.
      It would be interesting to see what kind of ‘about me’ your friends would write for you, though I argue my friends would write a mean one haha.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. That freaks and geeks thing bugs me too. Back in my day a “freak” was someone how had long hair and smoked weed. I fell into more of the nerd category in school because I was a late bloomer in the social skills category. I was smart to the point that I got accused of cheating in tests frequently until they finally bumped me up and grade. That saved me from falling asleep in class, but the social outcast thing just got worse. It’s taken a long time for me to grow into myself for sure. I hit my stride at about 50.

    I did the NaNoWriMo thing last year. It was challenging, fascinating and exhausting. I did make to to 35,000 words by the end of the month. Decided not to do it this year because I’m traveling a lot this month.

    1. Ah I see, nowadays long hair is more common of course. I like to go back and hear about the different groups for each time.
      I’m glad you’ve finally hit your stride, students who move up or down a grade generally have a hard time fitting in what with everyone already being friends in that grade and age being so important at school.

      Travelling sounds just as fantastic if not much more fantastic haha than NaNoWriMo – you’ll have a lot more substance for a book the more you travel. I wish I wish I could travel more. I’m working on it.

    1. Indeed, indeed! We’re all guilty of it if we’re clothes shoppers since stores only stock the latest trends / styles and ‘in-colours’, which makes it hard to be an individual dresser without going too over the top.
      But, there are still ways to avoid falling into the trend trap, unless you want to of course.

    1. haha nice, those were the days.
      I think I’d have been a Greaser over a Skinhead. Then I could click my fingers in time with my gang and we’d dance our way through a fight then take combs from our tight black jeans pockets and fix up our greasy hair.
      I hope I’m talking about greasers.

    1. I wonder what the next trend will be. At the moment where I live it’s been all about the indie look for most young people.
      I’m not rich enough for a wardrobe full of indie clothes, which is ironic because they mostly look like they’ve bought their outfits from op-shops.

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