Actually Learning from Mistakes

I’d like to be an editor. For a long time I’ve wanted to be a novelist while also harbouring a desire to wear a suit to work (yeah, women can wear suit, type.. things) and I realised a great way to combine these, is to join the editing world. Besides, I like editing. Read through my posts and you’ll see I have a while to go before I’m close to a great level, but that’s okay because I enjoy learning.
And my own posts help with that.

If I’m scribbling away on a piece of paper, chances are, there’s not many mistakes save for the occasional missing word. Switch me over to a computer however and that’s where the mistakes start to happen. I don’t know why, but as soon as I type (and really get into what I’m writing) I start to make unconscious mistakes. This isn’t unusual, we’re all prone to hitting the wrong key, throwing in unnecessary grammar by accident, or just forgetting whole words, when we’re immersed in typing as fast as possible. Strangely though, my mistakes are always the same when typing at a hundred miles per hour:

Instead of typing ‘also’, I will type ‘always’, and vice versa. There seems to be no escape from this one, as it happens every time

I absolutely cannot type ‘advice’ without forgetting the ‘c’. My fingers just bounce over it. 

Typing words ending in ‘sity’ becomes ‘univeristy’ and ‘diveristy’

Using ‘got’ instead of, well instead of anything that’s actually a good word. 

Using inappropriate apostrophes. When I say inappropriate I mean really stupid apostrophes, example: banana’s or beard’s are great.

Spelling ‘similar’ correctly becomes an impossible task.

As does anything with two sets of double letters. Spell them out loud? Sure thing! Type them? Errr… need a couple of tries. 

Click enter instead of shift + enter? Sorry, fingers do not understand request.

The word ‘achieve’ has to be typed at least twice. Yep, spelt it wrong in this sentence. 

I type adjectives in the wrong tense.

I add in words that muddle the sentence. For example I’ll say something like, “How is my mum get more popular than…” Which was my Facebook status the other week. This happens when I backspace to change the sentence but don’t remove all of the (now) wrong parts.

Here’s a spelling mistake I forced myself to learn to avoid a long time ago. Maybe I need to force myself to avoid the others… Force is a learning tool, right?

I think this has something to do with my brain being completely focused on getting the words out now instead of getting them out right. My finger tips take on lives of their own when they come into contact with a keyboard, and I’m often helpless to stop them pressing whatever the hell they want. I’ve backspaced things while thinking ‘no no no what are you doing, stop that!’ but continued to backspace anyway.

The upside to these touch type typos is that my eye is getting sharper at spotting the little nuisances. I pour over my posts twice before clicking publish, and even then make sure to read the published copy over in full. Please, don’t let there be a mistake in this one. The mortification! If you’ve achieved ‘banging hot editor’ level in the real world, you’re allowed to correct whatever you fancy, however I hope you understand why I have overlooked whatever mistake you spot due to my not having reached banging hot editor yet.

Thanks, wordpress. You’re like my online teacher where I don’t know if I’m really learning or not – keep it up.


17 thoughts on “Actually Learning from Mistakes

  1. Yup, I definitely have my own typing quirks as well! 🙂

    Hey, btw, the link to your blog starts off with “http:/mittens….” It’s missing the extra slash, which is why it said the page wasn’t found. I did go to your gravatar and the link to your blog worked fine there. I’m not sure how you would fix that, but just thought I’d point it out just so people can be directed to your page!! 🙂

    1. Oh thank you! And for still coming onto my blog to tell me through gravatar!
      I’ll see if I can fix it, but alas I probably won’t be able to and will miss prospective readers forever more, haha.

      Thanks 😀

  2. When I first got a laptop many years ago I tried writing on the train. I found I was making far more mistakes. I think I was distracted by all the beautiful women on the train because no matter how many times I reviewed what I’d typed, some thongs just slipped through the cracks. 😉

    Great post, though. Spell checkers are good but nothing beats a well-trained eye.

  3. I’d like to say a few things.

    1. I read one line. One bloody line. The first line. I’m hooked already. A fellow editor after my own heart (granted, my love for editing is a new found one).

    2. Suits are the cat’s pajamas.

    3. I look forward to following you and seeing what you have to say- and hopefully learning some things myself!


  4. Thank God for spell check! I struggle with some of the same things. It’s funny how everyone has a special word that they always have difficulty with. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  5. Great points! I use the little dotted underline thingy, it shows typos but not grammar which I am certain is not always good. I think you do a wonderful job.

  6. Nice post! Are you saying that you don’t use the word ‘got’? Oh My God! You are now my single most favourite person in the entire universe! To quote an incredibly intelligent character from Star Wars ‘moi moi I love you!’ I have been telling people I know how horrible the word ‘got’ is! We should totally form a group like Batman and Cat Woman and go out onto the street and friggin’ beat up people who use that terrible word!
    Also, I wish you luck with your future endeavours in the editing industry. I am certain that one day you will have totaly flawelss speling & garmmar, lik me! (Please avoid that last sentence. My stupid attempt at humour)

    1. My writing teacher made a point to ask us never to use the word ‘got’, then went on a mini spiel about how much he hates the word ‘somewhat’ as well and we shouldn’t use it either. So I just heed that advice because 1. he told me not to use them and 2. they kinda just sound awful.
      I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, but if not, haha thank you, and yes, we should totally form some type of group. Would the weapon be a dictionary? I think I’d rather beat up rapists and bag snatchers, might spare the users of ‘got’ since I still do it all the time. I don’t wanna punch myself.

      Ah, thank you! Let’s hope so.
      And hahaha nice, it was a good joke, I got it.
      …….heh heh

  7. Ha Ha! This happens to me so frequently! I almost always type form instead of from. I also. I also struggle to spell the (terrible because I end up typing it to often) and usually spell teh. I do not know why my hands do this, but I suspect it is for a reason similar to yours. I am more worried about what I am typing than how I am typing it. Lovely Post!

    Adieu, Scribbler

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