Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

When my aunt and uncle returned from holiday with this denim wallet as my present, I was disappointed. ‘It’s ugly!’ I thought, but said thank you out loud instead. Children can be so great at gratitude, can’t they? I kept it in my box of knick knacks for a few years, partly because I thought it unsightly (I was 7 so had no taste. Or, as I’ve gotten older I’ve lost all style, not sure which) and because they’d given a similar one to my older sister, and under no circumstances was I having the same wallet as her. Gosh.

When hers eventually faded and the flowers fell off (I think hers had fluro flowers instead of beads) I took mine out of the dark and began to use it. Besides, my surfer style wallet wasn’t cool anymore – I’m not painting a nice picture of what I was like as a child, am I? This one was small and unique. Couple these attributes with being (now) the only one of it’s kind in my town and it started to grow on me. Slowly the wallet became more friend than foe with every loyalty card added and money kept safe.

I got a lot of compliments on it, though these generally happened in his final years as my peers stopped fussing childishly over big brand names (I know it says ‘Levis’ but I also know it was made in a country known for er, pirating, so it’s authenticity is questionable, this reinforcing the ‘cool’ for everyone). “Wow! That’s awesome!” They’d exclaim, cigarette in one hand, coffee in the other, “Very cool.” It wasn’t all compliments though, for every ‘cool’ it, and in extension I, received there was always a counter ‘are you going to get a proper wallet?’ A proper one. What does that mean?

Do proper wallets have a pretend jeans pocket as the change compartment? I think not!

By now, old denim is a worn remnant of what once was a very clean, properly sewn, beaded-next-to-that-yellow-button wallet. When the inside started coming apart I knew it was time to say goodbye lest it gets wrecked beyond repair. I returned it to that box of childhood knick knacks in the darkened corner of the wardrobe (also known as ‘Barbie Graveyard’). Now, I have a ‘proper’ wallet. Sturdy leather. That won’t wear out in a hurry, and it does have more room for cards… Still, I am very happy to say that there has been one thing I owned in my life that was mine, and only mine.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

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  2. Pretend jeans pocket for a change compartment, this is one unbelievably cool wallet!
    I made a denim pencil case for mandatory textiles class in year 7 that I hid away out of shame (textiles like woodwork, metal work, cutting and pasting not being a natural strength) but it pulled off a certain shabby chic a few years later when I lost my good one.
    Until it disintegrated beyond possible repair. It would be unrecognisable as a pencil-case if I were to take a photograph today.

    1. Haha I thought so!
      Oh, that sounds like a cool pencil case. I was rubbish at those textiles classes, not my natural strength either.

      It’s kind of sad when our belongings are damaged or worn beyond repair or recognition, but at least it means we used / loved them!

      Thanks for commenting and I am sorry that I didn’t see this until now! I’m terrible with comments, sigh.

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