Name in Print

Mail? For me?
The large package slid smoothly into my hand and I took in it’s size. Packages make me anxious. I don’t just jump to bills or fines, I go a step further and immediately think of a booklet detailing why I am about to be arrested, stripped of all rights and left to die on an island.
The post mark reveals the source and I break out in an uncontrollable grin. My anxiety vanishes and I swallow excitement instead of fear.

Today I received my copy of the magazine ‘Copy / Paste” by Voiceworks Magazine, in which my 100 word entry for the Travelling Story Australia was accepted. The final 100 words. The wrap up.

The blurry price in the bottom reveals my shaky hand problems. Seriously a nurse told me I looked like a drug addict in need of a fix.

100 words published. It’s not a lot, is it? But it is a start and it is a cause to smile. I’m glad this happened even if it is a small accomplishment.

Of course I look at my words and think ‘I could have done this better.’ Then I just grin and hug the magazine.

Thank you to magazines like Voiceworks who give us opportunities to enter competitions like this! And thank you thank you for sending me a copy!
I’m so jittery and floaty now that this has arrived that the elegant, funny, awesome prose I’d planned for this post on the small steps leading to publication that I can’t even muster a proper sentence. Forgive me, I get riled up in happiness easily.
Be still, stomach. We haven’t won a Nobel prize.

Of course, you can’t live on competitions forever!

After this, published novels.
I won’t give up until I see my name printed on the cover my book, sitting on the shelf at my favourite bookstore, with cover art and soft pages, fine print and a little price tag at the back that implies: you’ve made it.


17 thoughts on “Name in Print

  1. Thanks for tagging me Mitten. I have finished it and sent it off now. I have been blogging every second day for 2 weeks and have learnt more than I would have thought possible already. Your questions were good. Nothing like answering questions made up by others to learn more about your self. Can I still learn about myself? Oh yes, that goes on for ever.

    1. Haha thanks. Also don’t get that expression but it has all the letters of congratulations so must be superior!
      I’m actually not sure how to send a photo, I was going to link to my gravatar image which is the one I’d send but apparently you can’t save gravatar images. Am I really computer incompetent? My solution is to post a photo of myself as a blog post hahaha oh

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