Did you Forget Them, or Lose Them?

After viewing photos from the facebook page ‘Embarrassing Nightclub Photos of the Week’ I have just one question; why don’t girls put on underwear before they go out?

Maybe I’m just a little too shy to go without mine, or I’m a breed of woman who doesn’t enjoy having the cold night air caressing her butt cheeks, but I don’t feel comfortable seeing girls bending over a bar showing their genitals. I don’t understand how this leaving off of the panties even occurs. Before they go out to the clubs, when they’re getting ready – doing their make up, straightening the hair, picking the right shoes & jewellery, spraying a little perfume to finish – at what point in that schedule do they stop to make the decision ‘I’m not going to wear underpants tonight. I think that would be a really good choice.’

If you think about when ladies are drunk, they tend to do things like lay down on the floor, dance stupidly, collapse on the ground with legs kicked open… To me, not wearing underwear out is a horrifying thought. Is it freeing for the girls? I can’t think of anything less ‘freeing’; you’d be focused the entire evening on making sure your dress is pulled down over your rump, and that you’re sitting properly. Which of course goes out the window once you’ve sucked down a few tequila shots.

Please, explain. Anyone. Tell me why you didn’t wear underwear with your dress when you went out. I promise I’m not judging, I just really want to know. I feel quite bad for the girls whose pictures are up on sites like Embarrassing Nightclub Photos, because they probably woke up with a killer hangover and then they get to log onto their social networking site to see their vaginas online.

Can I even condemn these girls – I guess they’re over age and choosing to leave the kit off… but then, they are doing it in a public place, but still, public. Part of me wants to shame them into knicker-ing up next time so they can spare degrading themselves, spare themselves some hurt if their picture goes up, spare themselves some drunk creep feeling their bottoms and getting a little extra than he or you planned.

Your flashes of gas- no, I won’t finish that – are baffling. Just keep them under some knickers, and maybe some stockings in winter (even sheer ones!) because I’m going to let you in on a secret, when it’s cold, rainy, or the middle of a winter night, and you go out in a tiny dress that only just covers your butt, huge heels and no coat or tights, you don’t look cute, you look stupid. Very, very stupid. And cold. Sorry, I said I wasn’t going to judge, it’s just really hard not to when you’re blue from cold and not wearing underwear.

Besides, Sailor Moon said the first rule is to wear clean underwater, and she fights crime. Space crime.

16 thoughts on “Did you Forget Them, or Lose Them?

  1. My friend I saw on Facebook and his friend an update saying that he liked sex videos and with that update there was a little picture of genitals from both sexes. I said, “gross.” When I saw it. I said, “you should report it.” He ignored me.
    I dunno what I’m gunna say about this little article. Sex in public is wrong. Some ladies carry spare pairs of undies in their hand bag. 80% of women don’t wear the proper fitting size bra. Most nightclub are private owned. there’s no such thing as a homo-sexual woman, unless that’s what the call a “ho”.

      1. yeah, you may excuse yourself. I’m not gunna say why I accept it. I’m not gunna spiel on about some of the themes brought up in this article. It’d be nice if you could figure them out yoirself. Thanks for the thought though.

    1. You need to stop commenting on my blog. I have tried to ignore you but this is obviously not working. I find your homophobia and your comments about homosexuals offensive and disturbing.
      Do not reply, and do not get worked up over this comment. Just stop visiting this blog and my pages, and find something else on the internet to visit. You have no reason to be attached to me in anyway.
      I do not write any of my posts for you, and you do not ‘please’ me.
      Please stop.

    1. I like how as soon as a girl / woman forgets her underpants or doesn’t dress properly for the weather she becomes a ‘young lady’ haha, but really sometimes it’s like a child has dressed themselves.

  2. Loved this post. Especially this: “when it’s cold, rainy, or the middle of a winter night, and you go out in a tiny dress that only just covers your butt, huge heels and no coat or tights, you don’t look cute, you look stupid. Very, very stupid. And cold. Like your naked butts.”

    I imagined you as a sort of underwear police, haha.

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