When Being a Big Kid is Awesome: Lego

For a while now I’ve been going into my local toy store with the sole purpose of standing in the Lego aisle to stare at the boxes of building blocks.
Because they’re not just building blocks – they’re awesome little worlds waiting to be created and played with.

I’m sure some of you know about my interest in aliens, (seriously, do you want to hear about the time I saw a space ship?) not a hardcore interest, I don’t have a basement full of U.F.O sighting magazines or a telescope etc, what I have instead is a healthy enjoyment of alien stories. I totally believe in aliens, because why wouldn’t you? If we exist, then I’m pretty sure other creatures exist somewhere in space. It’s kinda self-centred this idea that we’re the only living things in the universe, don’t you think? So the ‘Alien Conquest’ Lego was what I’d pick up and look at each time I went in.

Here’s what I put together: Also, it was my first ever set.

“Aw heck no I gone done been sucked up by one ‘dem ali-ahns! Papa get the tractor!’
Oh yeah, it has a beam
Yes, I made space ship noises.

Yeah, I know, I’m no longer a kid, I’m supposed to be ‘grown up’. Surely a gal like me would be busy worrying about university assignments, work commitments and planning a wedding or something, right? Well actually, if I’m going to explain myself properly, I have none of those things going on at the moment. My life has hit a very low moment. (Circumstantially that is, personally I’m feeling pretty alright) I’m unemployed, not at university again until February next year and have thus far not been properly proposed to. That time when I imagined Mr. Bingly confessing his love for me then asking me to be his wife probably doesn’t count, huh.

But you know, my life is getting on track. University starts soon and I cannot wait. I’ve applied for some good jobs. I’m moving to a new town for school in a couple of months, and this time, it’s actually sorted out, it’s not just a wishy-washy ‘yeah I think I’m moving…’ I’ve had some lovely responses on my blog. I try to be a good person. So you know what, people who might be bagging my choice to get some Lego because of how stagnant I am at the moment? Get over it. Everyone needs a little pick-me-up every now and then. (To be honest I don’t have to explain my life to anybody, least of all you, yeah, you in the shirt.) Mine just happened to be in the form of alien toys.
Bad-ass alien toys.


9 thoughts on “When Being a Big Kid is Awesome: Lego

  1. A few years ago, I bought my youngest son his first Lego set; it was a Star Wars set. He played with them for a couple of days…I played with them for a couple of weeks. Who says grown-ups can’t play with toys??? 🙂

  2. I believe the ability to enjoy and entertain one self is a sign of maturity.
    I should know because I am and do! “Hang on son! Ma and me is a getten that tractor. Dont let them put their probe nears ya”
    Your life has hit an exciting moment because it is about to take off into all sorts of exciting, fulfilling directions. This is your rest period before the work. And no, you don’t have to explain your self to any one, especially that guy in the shirt.

    1. Hahaha thank you to you too for participating in my ‘hick’ speak, the tractor will save the farmer! …Somehow.

      I think you’re right about being able to enjoy and entertain yourself being a sign of maturity, and thank you for your other words. I really appreciate them, and this rest period is exciting – I’ve never been more creative than what I have been in this time, and am that much more eager for change now I’ve had it.

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