Flashback Friday: Ghosts

You guys know the drill now! (See? I made it sound like we’re all in on the flashbacks of Friday, like we’re friends or a team or something. How sick is that! What’s that? Oh… It didn’t work? That’s cool, you’ll come round. I’ll persist. Like a flu)

excorcism of australian house

Sitting reading about the ten most haunted cities in the USA, and about people claiming to have possessed dolls, I’m struck by the memory of my own ghostly happenings that occurred in the very room I’m sitting in about a year and a half ago.  It all began with a loud knocking coming from the wall and roof opposite my bed. It was so loud that I would frequently get out of bed and ask my mother if she could hear it. She was apparently oblivious to the loud bangings that stretched on for about ten minutes. 
Unaccounted for noises in the night are eerie enough on their own, so when you add the mysterious bonus of it always happening at the same time, it really gives it that extra kick of creepy. It was always at about eleven thirty, when I had just snuggled into my blankets with a book, preparing to drift off to sleep for an early start of school or work the next day. I’d tuck the blankets under my legs, lay on my side with a worn copy of Harry Potter half propped on my pillow, and forget all about reality.

Until the roof began to bang.

At first I never bothered paying attention to those sounds, but I of course began to puzzle over their source when they persisted. If I stood in the kitchen – the room on the other side of my bedroom wall – the sound would stop. If I got up at all, the sound would stop. We’d had possums and birds in the walls before, and their scrabblings and scratchings were nothing like the rhythmic pulsing that threatened so. And it was most definitely inside the house. There were no branches to hit the windows or roof what with the tree not big enough to reach, and nobody was doing it from the outside. I could tell.
Unable to find the cause and upon hearing distinctly that it was obviously now m
oving about, I’d turn off the music playing in my ears and listen, heart in throat, ears throbbing, until it passed, now thoroughly frightened.

The sound loomed.

My bedroom was always freezing cold too. No matter what I did it was impossible to warm that bedroom up, though it had never been an issue before.

All of this conviniently happened right before I decide to read ‘The Excorcist’.
“It began with a knocking…”
Convinced as I was that some kind of demon was living in my house, (my newly built, on no trace of Indian burial ground house) I told a friend all about that presence, and, surprisingly, the noises and chills ceased. Never heard them again, and now my room is warm.

Apparently the best thing you can do about something spooky is to tell everyone about how creepy it is, and it will go away on its own. Huh.
At least, I think it’s gone..

*tap tap tap*

“I’ll just check the roof for you!” Thanks, Reagan.
Just realised I’m mixing up ghosts and demons.

Have you had a ‘ghostly’ experience of your own? I love hearing about other people’s ‘unexplainable’ experiences even if I only believe them for a moment, that moment normally being before I try to sleep, so comment and let me know.
Enjoy your weekend, x


13 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Ghosts

  1. […] The Exorcist. What better choice than this when you have something seemingly supernatural going on in your bedroom? Just like the character… who heard noises in the pipes and whose room was freezing. I am suprised that I haven’t been possessed by a demon yet. I wrote about it in my post Flashback Friday: Ghosts.  […]

  2. Great post. I one had a ghostly experience. I had an inflatable chair in my room and once it sounded like someone sat on it. It was loud and I was sure someone sat on it. I turned around (I was sleeping face down) and no one was there.

    1. Very creepy! So many people have little moments like this, it’s strange. I’d love to just know once and for all. When I’m being rational ghosts seem silly, but when I’m feeling spooky I start to wonder haha

  3. Yes! I’ve had an unexplainable experience where I’ve been led in bed when I was younger, my room is in the attic to add more fear to the situation, and I could here scrapping, when I called to my mum and asked her to listen it would stop…. weird…

    1. Every time I do flashback friday I’m reminded how quickly time goes by. Seriously, Friday again?? haha

      Flasback Friday is probably just depressing everyone, maybe we should start using it as an excuse to get stuff done before another comes.

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