Flashback Friday… again?

I have no idea how Friday keeps coming back so soon. Have I honestly been doing Flashback Fridays for a month now? Trying to choose which old post to use for today was actually difficult. “This one has a message… but this one is a little funny?” In the end I chose this, because it’s just going to be Friday again in no time.

“…. Diligence.
One thing I find difficult is how authors can stick to one story for so long. They see one idea through to the end so that it can finally be a finished piece of work, an actual novel. Whereas I start writing something – and it’s amazing to me, the characters are slowly being unravelled, my plot is plotted (for the most part) I’m enjoying how the direction is taking a life of its own in the most surprising way, everything seems to be falling together wonderfully – then… A few days later my brain switches to a completely new idea.
The old one, regardless of much has been painstakingly typed up (3am, aching wrists, burning eyes, just one more sentence..) is left for dead, hopelessly forgotten in an imaginary pile of dusty ink and paper. 

This is why I’m looking forward to university next year; perhaps they will teach me some dilligence. In fact, I’m looking forward to everything they have to teach me, from basic grammar I’ve forgotten or never been taught, to how to structure not only a story but yourself, to editing skills, even how to simply research a book you want to write. Hell, I’m even looking forward to furthering my vocabulary. 
Vocabulary high five!

And a vocabulary high five to you too, reader! Ah, look at naive I was, actually thinking that the university course I’d picked was going to teach me editing skills. Pah! If only someone had told me to do the one I’m enrolled in for next year (please don’t be a repeat of the same mistake, please) which actually has the word ‘Editing’ in the title…

Sorry that was a short one, but I’m feeling all fidgety today and didn’t want to go through something longer; it’s Friday, we need short, quick things and long, many drinks. 

Meanwhile, Chris Riedell from the Brothers Riedell tweeted me back :3
Long gone are my concerns about people having access to the people they admire: actors, singers, bands, models, youtube personalities: I am now like HELL YES.
Here’s their youtube, http://www.youtube.com/user/thebrothersriedell?feature=g-u-u
And here’s my tweet,

I blurred my name so I can continue dodging a certain someone, muahaha
And now you guys don’t believe me, do you? Damn.

It was about Phil Collins. Yeah it was.


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