Flashback Friday: Where’s the Virginity?

So here’s the latest Flashback Friday (I know you’re all totally hanging out for it) I decided on this one because I went shopping today, so saw a whole lot of the people I’m about to describe even though it was 10 degrees.

“Where’s the Virginity?”

A casual foray into the shopping world of mine fair town today resulted in the realisation that shorts these days are just that; short. In fact, very short. Tweens lathered in fake tan seem to have been born into the denim world’s latest monstrosity of something that is less pants, more stone-washed underwear that you can wear in public.

Good luck out in the world of the chain-stores if you’re in need of shorts that don’t allow your bum cheeks to hang out of the bottom of the leg holes, cheerfully saying “oh hi!” to every soul unfortunate enough to have their eyes drawn to your privates. It’ll take quite a lot of work to find a pair that actually cover your pair (of butt cheeks) or just look like actual shorts, not undies.

Since when did it become acceptable for twelve year olds, in their first year of high school, to leave the house with the entirety of their skinny, knock-kneed, yet-to-finish-growing legs on show? Surely their parents can see the, well, skank? Perhaps I’m old before my time (I tend to get very mad at young people and often find myself wishing I could have something to brandish about while yelling, something like a stick, like a say… walking stick) but if I had a daughter that obviously young, I would not be so blinded as to think that her age would stop wandering eyes and minds from mentally picturing what is but a mere inch above their short’s leg’s ends. And on the other end, if my daughter happened to look years older than she was then even more reason to refuse to buy her stripper knickers.

I’m not a conservative. I’m not devoutly religious. I’m not strict. I’m not anything like that, I simply have never been able to stomach the amount of bare skin ‘young ladies’ – rather children- show today. Which I think is a natural reaction.

What happened to respect? What happened to dignity? What happened to being abashed that others can see the colour of your underpants when you sit down even though you’re not even old enough to understand the complexities of sex? I remember feeling a burning sense of shame coupled with a need to cover up whenever I felt eyes wandering to my budding chest at that age. I didn’t know anyone then (for the record, I’m only in my early twenties, this wasn’t that long ago) who used to wear midriff showing tops or crop-top tops or panties as pants. We had self respect. We were silly girls, but we had some self respect.

And really, if it must all be about sex, why can’t there be some mystery? Fool the kids into thinking mystery is the new sexy and we can all walk around the shopping mall without having to embarrassedly turn away from a thirteen year old came- I’m not going to finish that.

If they’re not looking at your face, you need to put on more clothes.

I’m sorry that this is such a late post, it’s 9.19pm here, but believe or not I’ve actually been out and about today, and seen my friends. I was quite the social one this Friday, though admittedly I did take a nap in between friends….
Have a great weekend, x


17 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Where’s the Virginity?

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  2. I have two teenage daughters and fortunately they both dress on the modest side, even though many of their friends don’t. I am one damn lucky dad, that’s for sure. Thoughtful post, Jessica. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your comment, it reminded me to say that not every teenager girl dresses so skimpy, there are still modest (which does not translate to boring, frigid or serious, thank you very much scantily-dressed teenagers and media) young ladies walking around who garner respect. They’re also allowed to be called ‘young ladies’ instead of girls.

  3. This was great. I go through the same feelings of horror whenever a new seasonal employee joins the office. I want to tell them to look at the office policy on skirt length and tell them camisoles are to be worn *under* clothing other than a cardigan.

    I’m in my early 20s too, and I feel like a grandma when I have these thoughts.

    Anyway, Humbert Humbert wouldn’t be able to contain himself in public today. And I’m pretty sure that’s a problem.

    1. The reference to your workplace reminds me of when you go out on the weekends and you see 18 year olds in tiny dresses in weather that’s 3degrees Celsius. Not sure why my brain connected working with clubbing haha. Lots of bare skin at a new workplace? Oooh, that’s a bit off. Surely it would be better to not draw bad attention to yourself, unless your boss is a pervert I suppose *shudder*

      Humbert Humbert would be panting in the middle of the street I imagine! hahha

    1. I agree with the dangerous part: teenage boys thinking you’re ‘easy’, older guys thinking you’re older than you are, other girls abusing you verbally or physically over it… I know it’s a ‘freedom of expression’ but not everything should be done just because it can be.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. I would have to agree. Where I work a lot of young High School kids come in all the time and the lack of clothes they wear is ridiculous. Sometimes I wish people still wore suits and fedoras… so much cooler!

  5. Great post, though I had to look twice to make sure it was from someone not in my age bracket. What scares me is that as the legs got shorter, the belt line got lower, which might be ok, for oh about 1% of those with the body/mind set to pull that combo off. However speaking for the rest of humanity leave us a small shred of dignity.

  6. I’m in complete agreement. I have to order my shorts off the internet because I refuse to wear those ridiculous short shorts. It’s nothing in between. Or so it seems. You have to buy old lady shorts (no offense to the older crowd) or short ass huggers. No thanks. I’m almost happy I couldn’t have kids and so don’t have to deal with 13 year olds dressing like they should be on a pole at the local strip joint.

    1. I was lucky to find a pair of denim ones that go down to the knee… in the one store that stocked them. Funnily enough we don’t all want to show off everything when we’re in public, and ones that sit just above the knee look fine! haha, I guess that is one way of looking at an upside. I think if I ever have a kid they won’t be allowed to look skanky.

  7. I totally agree with you! When I see teens in my town there is only one word to describe how they look like….Every year is worse… I’m wondering where is the dignity in this world? Or I’m so old (born 1990) or something is wrong with me, but in my opinion this kind of appearance of young girls is inappropriate….

    1. I know! Every year the clothes get skimpier :S
      I think it’s really inappropriate, and I’d go so far as to that when they’re wearing this kind of outfit they become emboldened enough to take more risks. That’s how it appears anyway.
      I feel so old even though I’m really not! There’s such a divide between people our age and the teenagers of today, I wonder how it developed.

      1. Me too… It’s just few years between us and them and I don’t remember any girl in those age when I was one of them to wear such clothes. The other question is where are the parents???

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