An idea? An idea!

Before I was even properly awake this morning, I sat bolt upright, reached for my phone, slammed back down, wrote a note inspired by a dream I was having that I (surprisingly) don’t even remember, shoved my phone back on the bedside table and fell back asleep immediately.

I wouldn’t have even believed it really happened if not for checking my notes folder when I woke up properly, and sure enough there’s this weird little story about an old lady meeting a friend for lunch in the park suddenly there. There’s more idea behind what I’ve written, and I think it could actually become a nice little short story, but I don’t want to give too much away 😉

I suppose I should thank my half awake self, again! The novel (or, bits of a long story not edited or finished yet) I’m currently working on was also inspired by a dream I was having that was very intense and complex for a dream – none of those stupid reasons for things, or bizarre time hops, it all happened very linearly and  was completely understandable.

I’m not too sold on the whole “get a story from a dream” formula though, what with the only other author I’ve heard of using it being Stephanie Meyer. I’m positive there have been more, obviously we’re not the only 2 in the world, that would be endlessly strange. Twilight though, argue what you will about it being written terribly by way of grammar and story structure, the ideas being unoriginal / stupid / sickly / unreal / boring, whatever, (all of which I agree with, though I did read them all 3 years ago and I may have actually enjoyed them regardless of all that) because that Stephanie Meyer is sitting on a very pretty sum of money while all of us moaning about her who haven’t published anything are sitting around without any profit from book writing. So, there’s that.

I’ve gone completely off topic with a little spiel about Twilight, so I’m going to wrap it up with some advice I was given and what I’ve heard repeatedly since: keep a pad and paper, or your phone if it has a ‘note writing’ app next to your bed at all times. The best ideas can come at any time, and for me (like a lot of people) they’ll come right before you’re about to sleep at night or right as you’re waking up, and if you don’t seize that pen or grab that phone – trust me, you’ll have forgotten it by next morning!

Same goes for being out in town, if you see something interesting that inspires you whether it’s a funny character, an interesting conversation you overhear, a fight you witness, the way a bus driver communicates with passengers – it doesn’t matter, write it all down if you think it’s something you want to use in a story. If you don’t you’ll never remember it properly! Especially without any practice.

I have my special writing pads I like to put stuff in, here’s them:
ImageAnd that pen? Yeah it’s become the pen. I can’t put down any ideas lately unless it’s written with that pen, which was a lovely present from my boyfriend’s mum the Christmas before last, it’s come in very handy – thank you!

Do any of you guys have any writing secrets or routines? Can you only put certain ideas down in certain books or pads, with only specific pens? Do you prefer your phone? Or are you the type who can write on anything, anywhere, with anything just so long as you get it down?

Comment below I’d love to know!


14 thoughts on “An idea? An idea!

  1. I prefer my computer over phone or notepad for these reasons: 1. I can’t type as fast on my phone. 2. I edit quite a bit, which can cause much frustration for me on my phone. 3. If I try to write everything down in a notepad, my hand will fall off. I end up giving up halfway through or trying to shorthand, and I ultimately lose my focus and my point.

    1. I tried to write down a plot for a story I had in my notebook, as my partner had hijacked the computer, and my hand nearly fell off! I can write down short ideas, lists, a few sentences, but a couple of pages causes hand cramps and by the end you can’t even read my writing.
      Typing is much easier when I can.

  2. Thanks 🙂 Also when you say strawberry I picture you writing on a note pad shaped like a strawberry and it makes me happy, haha.
    The filing thing sounds interesting, I love having everything ordered so I can see that working for me. Those notepads up there in my picture all have their own types of things written in them. I would never ever write a list in the note pad with the bird on the cover but the red one is full of lists.
    “Some sit for a long time” made me sad, but hopeful.

  3. I grab whatever is at hand and write. I’ve tried to keep a note book, but it never seems to be around when I’m ready to write. I have a file holder on my desk where ideas go until I can get to them. Each theme has its own slot. Some sit for a long time.

  4. I have a strawberry notepad that I take everywhere and also leave on my night stand, filled with the most random nonsensical ideas that dreams and random situations have provided me with. They do make for great stories! Hope your story goes well 🙂

  5. Great post, Jessica! Thank you Tina for mentioning my blog here 🙂

    I have a note pad next to my bed. I always write down my dreams and some of them are truly bizarre. Occasionally I can ‘control’ my dreams but this is very rare (wish I could do it more often).

    1. I had a dream diary when I was younger, and when I found it this year and read over it.. wow I dreamt some really weird things when I was twelve :S
      I keep meaning to start a new one so I can write them down every morning.
      Thanks for reading and commenting, it’s all thanks to Tina 🙂

    1. Thanks for the link 🙂
      No doubt I’m about to read a version of my post that’s ten times better… *suspense*
      It’s funny how you’re mind can create things for you while you sleep, and sometimes when you’re awake you can’t think of something creative to save your life. Dreams are so free.

      1. You’re welcome 😉
        Mine aren’t quite free… When I was on a diet for the first three days I dreamed of FOOD! XD So my dreams are hostages of the body 😉 But do keep yours free

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