Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

I’m trying to tell my partner about this blogging award that has nominated me for, but he held a snake last night and so, he’s much to busy alternating between describing the snake, pretending to be the snake and saying things like “Snakes are so cool”, and “I can cross that off my bucket list.”

So, I’ll tell you readers and followers instead!


Lightningpen (link up there ^) just won his own (for the 2nd time) Very Inspiring Blogger Award and so has made his own list of nominees to choose a winner from.
And he decided to include me, which made me smile hugely, fret about not being cool enough, and then check out the other nominees and follow them all because they’re awesome.

So! Time for some inspiration. Thus far I’d like to think that my posts have inspired in some way – clean out the old, the Facebook Challenge, no hate posts, making friends, writing letters, fairness… And no doubt now I’ve been nominated for this I’ll start accidentally inspiring the wrong kinds of things like eating entire bags of crisps and fangirling over Game of Thrones.

I do believe I am to write 7 things about myself, and if I’m wrong in that – enjoy my 7 facts anyway.

  1. I am incredibly good at Solitaire. I’m talking finishing a game in 46 seconds multiple times in a row. I’m also really good at the other kind of solitaire which involves being lonely and staring in at parties from the window, outside in the rain
  2. In the next issue of Voiceworks magazine you’ll get to see my name in print, and a little bio, thanks to the Travelling Story competition for emerging writers around Australia
  3. I’m 21 and consider this very old in comparison to life achievements
  4. I used to be on a radio show with two of my best friends, The Happy Microphones
  5. I get overly worked up over some of the less than desirable youths in town, and would like to figure out how to help – I’ve been interested in taking part in a program that writes about youth issues, might join that today!
  6. I would describe my writing style for fiction as a mixture of Roald Dahl and Neil Gaiman with a pinch of Bret Easton Ellis, but others would probably describe my writing style as “needs work”
  7. Sometimes I want to take to wearing wigs everywhere, so disappointing is my natural hair

Good luck other bloggers and thank you so much lightningpen for both a nomination and letting me know that someone out there has actually read my blog!

Jess, x

By the way, my partner is now talking about a puppy he saw too, “he looked at me like this, *puppy eyes* and then I rubbed his belly”. Sigh.


10 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

    1. I have no idea how this post is gaining so many likes tonight, as it’s from 2012 and I didn’t link it in my latest post haha, perhaps you may friend can tell me how you saw it? I don’t feel rude asking you haha.

  1. Hi, thank you for the kind words and mention! Oh, I am all man, but my imaginary friend Lubricant Jones wishes I weren’t! Have a great day of resounding choruses of imagination! Thanks again!

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