Months, Honey, Months

It’s been months since I posted and though I keep planning on writing some kind of catch up post or come-back post, I keep getting side tracked. 

And even this right here isn’t a real post, this is me saying that I am still not sure how to recommence my WordPress duties so instead, come see me on twitter.

Lately I’ve been posting tidbits and whatnots, so come follow there and hopefully soon I write something worthwhile.

How have you all been? 

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14 thoughts on “Months, Honey, Months

  1. Good to hear from you. I have just got back from taking my son backpacking through Japan.
    We ended up in a Monastery in the Wakayama mountain region in Koyasan and had fun and adventure learning about this culture. :-D

  2. Hooray for your return! Excited to see what you post when you do get back to posting, although it is also nice to hear from you again on other social media thingies (yep, I just said that). I’ve decided I’m going to use my writing energy from all the things I’ve been writing this month and pour it into my blog next month, as mine needs resurrecting somewhat. :P

      • I skimmed through your proper post the other day but I’m going to go read it properly now!
        I was about to tease you for using the word thingies until I realised you were saying it because I said it in the first place…that could have been a bit of a failure. Ahem.
        I think this double blog business is getting to me, and it’s only been 3 days. :/

    • It’s true, it all piles up and then you simply procrastinate. Hmm, I suppose I’ve been busy simply with a new job, friends, living in a new place and plain old bumming around. Nothing too exciting I’m afraid, just general laziness ;)

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