Doctor, You Call Those Hands Healing?

Don’t worry, I’m not about to blast doctors. Those guys know more information than I do, including my extensive knowledge of television episodes of favourite shows. At the same time however, I am going to lament the time I visited a doctor who led me into a year of extra pain when there was a solution all along.


“Yes, yeees I’ll ‘help’ you.” *maniacal laughter*

It was 2012 and I had suddenly developed dermatitis in 2 different locations, and no, neither of them was my butt, get it together. It turns out, dermatitis is actually painful. I thought it was just kinda itchy and looked red. Ohhh no, no no this is the kind of skin problem that causes real ouchies. Who knew. So I headed off to the doctor for a cure because surely these people of medical wisdom would know exactly how to nip the itch in the bud? Another wrong. I was prescribed a cream with steroids and told to not put soap in the area. This worked for a little while, but then the problem came back worse and would not go away. Apparently, this is the worst thing you can get a patient to do besides rub chicken feathers into it. It wasn’t until I told a nurse (in training, mind you) that I was told how to really beat one of the areas. Voila! Since then, it’s been totally gone and I no longer feel like I want to tear my face off.

However, the patch on my arm (isn’t it sickening when I refer to a ‘patch’ of disease on myself) remained and doubled in vengeance this year. So I gave up and assumed that I would be forever distracted by its presence and would just have to accept its slow spread over my arm. Until a friend told me to just try her random cream…. and the patch has now completely disappeared from view. I’m hoping it isn’t a repeat steroid situation.

She gave me hemp cream from the plain old Body Shop. What a beautiful place to make such things. The point of this post you see, is to recommend all other dermatitis sufferers to give the product a try (I’m sure other companies make hemp cream, but this is the one I used so included the company) to see if it helps you. It took almost 2 weeks for mine to fully clear up, but I wasn’t itchy during its use. I’ll keep you update if things take a sour turn.


‘Heavy duty moisturisation, protection and repair…’
See, you trust things that say HEAVY DUTY

Trust the hemp. I probably sound like one of those pro-marijuana hippies, but this isn’t about that, this is about how good it is to find something that works even if it does include a word that might turn people off it. Forget the weed leaf printed across the tube, it might also help you. And as someone who knows how shitty even a small amount of dermatitis can be, I know you’re willing to give anything a go.

12 thoughts on “Doctor, You Call Those Hands Healing?

    • I hope someone out there gives it a try and it works for them. It’s hard having something kind of minor like it because the doctors don’t seem to give you a lot of information and the internet is very hard to trust. You really have to rely on someone suggesting something.

        • Hmmm. I have a feeling they may have quotas or something to fill on certain products. They might get something in return for proscribing things, do you think? I think it would be good if they got people to start off on natural cures (obviously just for stuff like mine, for proper illnesses they should suggest both kinds) then move up to proper medicine.

        • The pharmaceutical industry is probably the second most powerful/profitable world industry (second only to arms). Money is the bottom line.

          A perfect example here in the UK is the use of acupuncture. Amazing things are being done by private acupuncturists but they are being kept at arms length by the pharmaceutical lobby and not allowed in mainstream treatments – there is no profit in a few needles. Chemical concoctions is where the huge profits arise from.

          Depressing, eh? Good luck with your ‘disease’.

  1. I love that hand cream – swear by it! I worked at the Body Shop during University and we learned that the ratio of fatty acids in hemp oil mimics your skins natural fatty acids, making it the perfect moisturizer.

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