Minor Incident, Still Has Consequences

You cannot fully understand something until it has happened to you. Even then, you’ll never be able to exactly replicate another’s experience. It was the end of last week that I came – almost, save for a pane of glass – face to face with a man hellbent on getting his own way. The incident was minor, but it left me thinking about how victims of serious random attacks who continue living their lives are absolute heroes.  Continue reading

Mine By Extension

Obviously, confining cats to one backyard is a chore. I’m not sure if you’ve ever owned a cat, but if you have then it’s pretty clear as soon as they learn to climb the fence that they are going to be spending some time visiting the neighbours you never have. I came home one night at 2am in a taxi and was dropped on the opposite side of the street to my house when I heard a meow; looking over the opposing neighbours fence my cat was crouching, looking extremely guilty. I’ll have none of that “cats-don’t-make-facial-expressions” nonsense. They totally do.  Continue reading

25 Great Pieces of Life Advice From Literature

Originally posted on Flavorwire:

Everyone could use a bit of advice now and then. But what if you’re the type who eschews all human contact and prefers to converse only with characters in your books? Well, er, then even they might not be able to help you. All kidding aside, as any avid reader will know, many of the great works of literature are filled with wisdom, which you could do worse than to take to heart — especially in these back-to-school weeks, a time when a little extra advice can always help. So after the jump you will find a few nuggets of humanhood as doled out by literary (read: fictional!) characters who know a thing or two. Don’t see your favorite on here? Add it to the common pool of wisdom in the comments.

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When Life Mimics Comedy

Today, I saw a moth in the bath and with a start, I realised I should go and get my camera to take a photo. I simply wanted to post a photo of a moth in a bath so I could use the IT Crowd’s joke, “Trapped! Like a moth, in a bath.” as the caption to garner a few laughs. Moss goes on to suggest that moths could use tiny ladders to escape baths.

Unfortunately, in my time again, the moth then subsequently drowned before I could even leave to get my phone and I couldn’t help but realise that the moth would have survived if he had of in fact, had a ladder.

(This actually happened in January, but it’s been so long since I posted anything for ya’ll that I thought I’d bring this up on here. It’s probably the best thing that ever happened to me. Though, not the best thing for the moth.)

Hope you’ve all been mighty fine.

Things Clubbing Taught Me

Because what education is complete without loud music, sweaty guys and sitting in the gutter?

"Yes that's right, WWII did end in 1945... Now let me drop the bass."

“Yes that’s right, WWII did end in 1945… Now, let me drop the bass.”

1. You Will Never Go Out in Nice Weather
No, what actually happens is that you find yourself going out in the peak of summer or the depth of winter. When it’s hot out it’s boiling inside a venue but never fear, some clubs have giant fans that you can dance in front of – cooling and makes you feel like you’re in a music video. Besides, sweat gives you that lovely dewy look, doesn’t it? Continue reading

But Without the Laugh Track

Have you ever been told you remind someone of a certain person? For me, I’ve never reminded anyone of say, Angelina Jolie, but instead have been compared to Dobby the House-elf …and a camel. Not a special camel, just your average herd animal. Most recently, I have had my friends tell me that I have been doing things reminiscent of Miranda Hart in her show of the same name. Unfortunately, I don’t have a loyal audience laughing and rooting for me – it’s just silence as people digest my awkwardness. And no, no no awkward is not cute or hip or trendy it is bloody painful. Continue reading

Just Tell Me What I Need, Robot

Dinner time is a painful time for the young person. I imagine when you have kids that you work out a routine of meals that you go through – after all, you have to, your children have to eat. When you’re a young person though and suddenly faced with feeding yourself every night, ideas can be thin. Do I want red meat? Hmmm. Chicken? Hmmm, maybe. Vegetables? I guess. But what flavour? How do I bring this all together? Continue reading

Fake It Til You Make It

Sometimes it seems like negativity is the hip perspective to have. Being cynical or darkly humorous about something is one thing, because if done well and with a sense of playfulness it’s pleasing and it’s status of ‘hip’ is valid. However, downright bitching over and over again while never offering any glimpse of cheer is taking negativity to the status of ‘I can’t even smile at a kitten picture now’. Continue reading